From Beer or Strawberries: Ice Cream Recipes to Make Yourself

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This summer cries for cooling. So why not make your own ice cream? Food bloggers Robert Kneschke and Erich Eggimann talk about their coolest creations. And best of all: the ice cream recipes (also for beer ice cream) are on top of that!Just try something new, instead of just strawberry ice cream – that was Robert Kneschke’s motivation when he launched his ice cream blog in 2010, . Why the beer cream and mint ice cream with fresh mint is one of his favorites and why athletes want particularly protein-containing creations of him, he reveals in an interview with his partner Erich Eggimann.

Besides ice cream – what do you love about summer?

Eggimann: To be in nature. Let it be to slide in the Aare, the river through Bern, to make a tour by bicycle or to meet with friends.

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Kneschke: To be able to go out without having to wear three layers of clothing.

Since when do you blog and what has tempted you to do it?

Kneschke: I started the blog in 2010. I’ve made ice cream myself before, and the blog should be an incentive to not only make strawberry ice cream, but try other varieties and learn more about making ice cream. That worked quite well.

Mr. Kneschke, you as a photo producer: tell us a trick, how to photograph ice well, without it directly melts?

Kneschke: Speed ​​is of course important when taking photos. I prepare the whole setting without ice, with a table tennis ball as a dummy, which is only completely replaced by the ice at the end.

With Schaumkrönchen the beer ice cream is not only a culinary, but also an optical highlight

Where and when do you like to eat ice cream?

Eggimann: Where or when is not mine! Rather an always.

Kneschke: I enjoy my ice cream at home in the evening with a good movie, but that too is independent of the seasons.

Which of the three featured recipes do you like most?

Eggimann: Each of the three varieties has its own special feature.

Kneschke: For me, peppermint ice cream is my favorite, because it simply tastes better with fresh mint than with the often too heavily dosed peppermint oil, as most ice cream parlors use.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​making functional ice cream for athletes, for example?

Kneschke: That was reader feedback. We are often told by people who have special nutritional requirements, for example, because they have to forgo sugar, want to live vegan or just have an increased need for protein. Sometimes we try to do that to make these guys ice cream too.

For athletes as an energy donor: a scoop of homemade vegan protein.

Where do you get the inspiration for your recipes?

Eggimann: I get inspired by cookbooks and magazines. From these ideas, new recipes emerge. For example, I wanted to create the beer ice cream for the football World Cup at that time. At first, I struggled to find the right mix, but then a champagne sorbet recipe took me in the right direction.

Kneschke: I take a lot of inspiration from discussions with ice cream makers at ice cream, and our readers are always spurring us on to new creations.

With real mint instead of aromas: Moroccan mint ice cream.

What should you pay attention to or avoid, if you want to make your own ice cream?

Kneschke: Hygiene is very important in any case. In addition, there is a balance of fat, dry matter and sugar. To avoid disappointment, one should also understand that the consistency of ice cream from an ice cream parlor by their refrigerated counters at about minus eleven to minus 13 degrees, while ice in the freezer at minus 18 degrees logically harder and has something to thaw.

A beer ice cream on a stick is handy: For my I used a dark beer. It is spicy and gives the ice a good aroma. Of course you can vary with the beers. As a gag I missed this ice cream a beer glaze and in the end it looks like the beer foam is running down.

Beat the egg whites and sugar for the foam. It should be a firm, creamy mass. The protein does not necessarily have to be stiff. Fill the foam into the ice-cream stems. About two to three tablespoons are enough. There will be some protein left that can be processed into meringues. To do this, brush the egg whites on a baking tray covered with baking paper and bake at 140 degrees for ten minutes. Then downshift to 80 degrees and bake for about an hour. Occasionally, open the oven door to allow the moisture to escape. Freeze for about an hour.

For the beer ice cream, mix the sugar and the beer in a bowl until the sugar has dissolved. It will foam something, but that’s normal. Add the cream double and mix well. Fill the beer mixture into the already frozen molds on top of the foam and place the stalk on top. Put everything back in the freezer.

For the glaze, pour the beer into a glass with a sufficiently large opening so that you can dip the ice. Take the frozen ice cream from the molds (the egg white foam will not be completely frozen) and dip it into the beer glass. Just wait a moment and put it back in the freezer. Repeat dipping once or twice depending on how strong the beer taste and color are.

Info – this is needed : For the foam: 2 egg whites, 50 g of sugar. For the popsicles: 70 g of sugar, 300 ml of dark beer, 200 g of crème double, ice-on-a-stick molds. For the glaze: 300 ml of dark beer

I almost never order mint ice cream in ice cream parlors. Unfortunately, most people only use peppermint oil, peppermint flavor, or even peppermint flavored flavor.

That’s why I usually do not like peppermint ice cream from the ice cream parlor. But all the better my own recipe. For this I use fresh Moroccan mint. As the name suggests, the plant is widespread in Morocco. Also brewed as a tea, it tastes great. Incidentally, chocolate sauce or chocolate icing are perfect with peppermint ice cream.

Mix sugar, dextrose, skimmed milk powder and binder well. Put everything in a large saucepan and stir again with the milk and the cream very well.

Wash the fresh mint, drain, then add to the pot and stir. The leaves do not have to be picked off individually. Bring to a boil with stirring, remove from heat, leave to cool and leave for up to six hours.

Then pass the ice cream mixture through a sieve to remove the mint leaves, puree the ice cream and place in an ice cream maker. If you do not have an ice cream maker, follow the instructions at the end of the protein recipe.

Info – this is needed: 500 g low-fat milk (1.5 percent), 200 g cream, 100-150 g fresh Moroccan mint, 120 g sugar, 50 g dextrose, 20 g skimmed milk powder, 1.2 g Eisbindemittel

The halftime is long over for the current year. Who still sticks to his New Year’s resolutions: Strong performance! For example, if the goal was to live healthier or even vegan food, then this is the ice cream for you. It’s vegan and contains extra protein. Vegan protein powder brings the extra protein kick, which ensures especially after the strength training that the muscle is supported.

Weigh out the sugar, dextrose, inulin fiber, vegan protein powder, and locust bean gum and mix well. Warm the oat drink with the cocoa butter and the vanilla extract at about 40 degrees Celsius and stir until the cocoa butter has melted. Add the oat drink to the dry mixture and mix well. Ripen for about 60 to 90 minutes in the fridge and then put in the ice cream maker. If you do not have an ice cream maker, then pack the mass into the freezer until it has already frozen a few centimeters on the edge. That takes about 60 to 90 minutes. Stir well, beat out air. Repeat the process at shorter intervals two to three times until a soft-like mass has formed.

Info – this is needed: 100 g sugar, 22 g dextrose, 15 g inulin, 83 g vegan protein powder, 1 g carob seed flour, 20 g cocoa butter, 600 g oat drink, 1 tsp vanilla extract

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