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Gas-Fired Infrared Drying Machine

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Burnray combustion equipment company, a hi-tech enterprise specializing in researching and manufacturing ecological and energy-saving burners, and related products, is directed by experienced experts engaged in the R&D of burners/thermal equipment over 10 years. Our company has owned and applied for the patent for many inventions and utility models. Burnray is not only the leader in China but also at the top level worldwide in the field of metal fiber burners. Meanwhile, Burnray is supported by the National Innovation Fund.

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Gas-Fired Infrared Drying Machine
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The Quality Policy

Try our best to offer customers more ecological, more energy-saving and more reliable products, and supply satisfactory service to fully meet clients’ demands.

The Main Product Application:

  1. Textile dyeing and finishing
  2. Leather drying
  3. Paper drying
  4. Asphalt heating and recycling
  5. Gas-fired drum drying equipment
  6. Automatic forced draught burners
  7. Metal heating
  8. Melting furnace
  9. Drying/bakery line
  10. Other machines we can design and produce according to your need.

According to the actual situation of your company, maybe you are interested in the textile dyeing and finishing for fabrics.

So I sort out the details for that. Pls, look up as following: textile dyeing and finishing for fabrics

The Main Production

  • Gas-infrared pre-drying machine.
  • Stereotypes machine.
  • The curing machine.

Gas-Fired Infrared Pre-drying Machine

The sole of pre-drying It is essential to remove some water rapidly before drying the dyed fabric to avoid uneven color caused by dye molecules migrating. his process is called pre-drying adopts electrical infrared heaters, which cost more and whose heating elements have a short lifetime because of serious decaying. The more water to be removed in the pre-drying, the better quality to fabric have, and the less energy cost in the next process.

The components of Burnray’s gas-fired infrared pre-drying machine.

  1. Metal fiber burner: high efficient emission of infrared, homogeneous combustion, good flashback resistance, and small thermal inertia.
  2. Combustion control system with a program controller.
  3. Gas supply and regulation system.
  4. Air supply and filtration system.

The characters of Burnray’s gas-fired infrared pre-drying machine.

  1. A good processing effect of the product. Wider regulation range of the thermal load, high remove rate up to 30%, good preheating effect.
  2. High efficiency higher combustion efficiency and larger radiation coefficient.
  3. Multi-function control. With the program controller, the control system has various functions: pressure regulation,pre-purge, automatic, ignition, flame detection, pressure protection, and unexpected shutdown alarm.
  4. Saving cost. Compared with electrical heating systems, adopting gas fuel can reduce energy costs significantly. Long lifetime, up to several years. Compared with Germany, Italy’s machine, performance at the same level, but the price is lower than theirs.
  5. Eliminating the hidden dangers. As metal fiber is of small thermal inertia, the surface temperature can drop down to room temperature in several seconds after work stops, which makes it can effectively prevent fire accidents caused by power break.
  6. Flexible operation Independent control to each burner, make you can start one or more as you need.

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