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RUNNING HEAD: When has Employer Monitoring Gone too Far? - Gb520 Strategic Human Resource Management introduction?? Unit One Individual Research Summary Kaplan University GB520 Strategic Human Resource Management May 5, 2013 When has Employer Monitoring Gone too Far? When has employer snooping gone too far? Or maybe, it is okay for businesses to know any and everything about its employee’s lives outside of business hours.

The goal behind this paper is to identify the different types of workplace privacy and employee monitoring as well as learning the different ways to deal with these types of situations. With technology fastly developing and information being available at the click of a mouse, it makes for a person’s life to be readily available for anyone to see. In today’s world, privacy for job seekers and employees is a significant issue.


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The overwhelming amount of information that is posted online, either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other networking sites makes it easy for employers to search, retrieve and make decisions on potential candidates. Suggestions will be given as a way to help separate and protect an employee’s lifestyle outside of the workplace. Employee privacy is defined as the extent to which employers monitor and collect information on the activities, communications and private lives of workers (Hamel & Media, 2013).

Though, one might ask when the act of employee monitoring is taken too far. In this paper, the following methods of employee monitoring will be discussed: * Monitoring and or recording telephone conversations * Scrutinizing internet activity including chat rooms or instant messaging * Researching social media There are many different definitions of workplace and employee privacy, but it is important to remember that when a company chooses to monitor their employees, the business must make everyone aware.

By the conclusion of this research paper, the fine line of what workplace and employee privacy laws will be clearly understood. Also, discussions on how employees can protect their information in hopes of keeping their professional careers separate from their personal lifestyles. References Hamel, G. , & Media, D. (2013, May 05). Definition of workplace privacy. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness. chron. com/definition-workplace-privacy-15419. html

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