Assessing Strategic Human Resource Management within Vodafone

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Strategic Human Resource Management is a modern twenty-four hours concern construct that has been now been widely used the organisation ; the Southern Cross of the construct is that all the human resource activities of the companies should be aligned with the organisational corporate aims. In this assignment we are required to choose an organisation of our pick and so analyse their strategic human resource patterns, we are required to see that how the patterns and schemes of human resources section are aligned with the company ‘s aim. What are the countries that are executing good and what the countries that need the betterment are? For this I have selected taking telecom company of UK. Vodafone has been the market leader with their continued growing in UK and other parts of the universe.

This paper will analyse two dimensions, one is their schemes for enlisting, choice, larning, development and preparation and I shall explicate how these schemes are maximising employee public presentation and are linked with corporate schemes. The 2nd portion of this paper will show the public presentation direction procedures of the organisation we shall how this organisation manages the public presentation of their employees and how human resource section is pull offing the employee dealingss.

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Introduction to the Company

Vodafone is a taking telecom participant in the UK and other parts of the universe including India. The merchandises and services they provide are of high quality and high criterions and the market they are runing is extremely competitory. The nature of competition requires the direction of the company to hold a strategic lucidity and all the concern operations should be working in same way. Their service portfolio includes nomadic phone connexion including 2G and 3G webs, broadband cyberspace in places and on Mobiles (, 2011 ) .

In order to understand the strategic human resource activities of the organisation is really of import to understand that what company all about is. Their vision values and concern orientation are the cardinal drivers that are driving the human resource direction section (, 2011 ) .

Company Vision

They see their hereafter in outstanding informations services and merchandises – backed up by the best client experience in the concern. Their journey has already begun, with things like Mobile Internet and Mobile Broadband. And their Vodafone at place fixed broadband service. And their marks are large, which means 1000000s of clients utilizing their informations services every twenty-four hours (, 2011 ) .

Company Valuess


They are focused on velocity to market, they relentlessly precedences and prosecute the results that matter to our concern.


They make things simple for their clients, spouses and co-workers.


They are dependable and crystalline to cover with. They deliver for others, and trust others to make likewise

Literature Review of Strategic HRM:

Strategic Human Resource Management is a modern twenty-four hours concern construct that is now being practiced in many of the organisations, its acceptableness and pattern is increasing with the clip as organisation have realized that this direction doctrine is really adding value to concern profitableness in many indirect ways.

As we know that human resources are one of the most of import resources of that a company can hold, their ability to take part in development of companies sustainable competitory advantage is unquestionable, in past the human resource direction has been a separate section with no influence and engagement in strategic direction of the company. Whatever have been the corporate schemes companies were non associating the human resources direction with it. The consequence of which was the decomposition of company ‘s nonsubjective and human resource direction, this scenario made the human resource engagement in sustainable competitory advantage limited. ( Appleby & A ; Mavin, 2000 ) .

With the development of modern concern epoch, that has started from 1980s, the direction practicians and observers has been experiencing the demand of taking the companies to one way, and they have besides realized that it really of import that human resource section should be made portion of the scheme preparation procedure and their human resource schemes should be made while maintaining in head the concern scheme of the organisation. Therefore the research workers came up with the construct which is called the Strategic Human Resource Management, that enables the HR section to deduce their patterns from the corporate scheme and they are besides made portion while doing the concern scheme ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

Strategic Human Resource Management requires the dept being proactive instead than being reactive, they are required to set themselves harmonizing to the human resource demand of the company. They are besides required to anticipate the approaching demands of the company and so program beforehand consequently ( McMahan et al. , 1998 ) .

Schemes for Recruitment, Retention, Training & A ; Learning

Vodafone is a market leader in their class, they have a competitory advantage because of their variegation in merchandises, services and selling schemes, therefore their corporate aim is to prolong their selling leader place with the aid of their variegation. Below is the snapshot of HR schemes for assorted HR maps of the organisation that tells us the organisation is associating their concern scheme with their human resource scheme:

Recruitment & A ; Selection

Vodafone ‘s enlisting and choice procedure is aligned with their concern scheme, as they are in the concern of supplying services and their market place is a leader with distinctions, hence when they recruit persons on different seats, they have set of nucleus competences that are required for each place and they check these while engaging person ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

Their choice procedure makes certain that the right individual with right set of capacities and attitude is selected, for illustration if they are engaging for the place of client service they would do certain that individual being hired has the soft accomplishments, the empathetic attitude and is non aggressive in nature. They have devised a set of such soft accomplishments that are evaluated on each of the hiring and these accomplishments vary from place to place. For managerial degree place they make certain they hire person with good analytical accomplishment along with flair of leading in them. So in Vodafone the full choice procedure is linked with the corporate aims ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

Compensation & A ; Benefits

Vodafone ‘s full compensation and benefits are besides linked with concern scheme, their wage systems and one-year assessment systems are derived from corporate scheme. Since our instance company is working in extremely competitory environment and they have to keep their market leading place therefore they have designed their compensation system that encourages the quality individualization to work in this organisation. They provide they employees with province of the art installations and salary bundles so that the best in the industry are attracted to work in the company and so they play their portion in doing the organisation a market leader ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

His one-year assessment system is besides managed strategically, in Vodafone, every section has their quarterly and one-year aims, and these aims are so used to do the person and squad ‘s quarterly and one-year aims. Now when public presentation assessment is done, Vodafone ‘s human resource section makes the nonsubjective accomplishment the portion of the assessment system and all the increases in salary and fillips are linked with the nonsubjective accomplishment in squads and persons. For their nonsubjective accomplishment computation they make certain that public presentation aim are clip edge, quantifiable and measureable ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

Training & A ; Development

Training and Development is an of import constituent of their human resource scheme. They keep on adding value in their human resources by developing them on difficult accomplishment and soft accomplishment whatever is required by the nature and function of the occupation. The procedures start from indentifying the preparation demands of each of the section. They after understanding the aim of the each of the section for the coming twelvemonth, asks the relevant directors to place and measure the persons in their squads that require the preparation and development in certain countries of their occupation. These developing demands can be of soft accomplishment and besides can be of difficult accomplishments that are straight related to the occupation ( McMahan et al. , 1998 ) .

Once the preparation demands are indentified so human resource section manages the preparation calendar of the twelvemonth, in which all the needed preparation are mentioned and employees are sent for on occupation and off occupation preparation. Human resource section besides have the oculus on the approaching enlargements and technological developments in the market so the relevant employees can be trained before the clip and they are ready to work when there is any technological promotion and alteration in the organisation.


Human resource section of the organisation put particular accent on developing the acquisition civilization within the organisation. Employees are encouraged to portion their experiences and larning with each other so that squad members can hold a learning civilization in the organisation. Since Vodafone is working in different geographical parts of the county, therefore they make certain that employees are encouraged the acquisition ‘s sing proficient and selling cognition with each other, so that employee of one part can larn from the experience of the other part ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

As discussed above they besides send employee on preparation, they besides send different employees of different section to their different geographical markets so that they can hold the preparation of assorted state of affairss and have the apprehension of assorted markets, that rotary motion besides helps employees and increase the acquisition within the organisation.

Career Building

Since pulling and retaining the quality employee is challenge for the organisations working in today ‘s competitory market, hence Vodafone have the policy of holding a clear and good defined calling way for each of their employee. This lucidity of calling way makes it clear for employee that where they should see themselves after passing different figure of old ages in the company. The section besides makes certain that all the calling promotion of the employees are based on their public presentation and every top acting employee should hold the promotion in their calling, this policy helps to command the employee turnover and promote employees to work hard and execute as they would hold the opportunity to turn ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .


Vodafone is working in competitory environment and to remain in front of competition it is really of import for organisations to hold the fast and right determination devising. Therefore the human resource section put the particular accent on authorising the employee for timely determination devising.

For this intent they have worked in degeneration of power, decentalisation of determination devising and level organisational civilization. They have been working on the dimensions on giving the employee the power of doing the less critical determinations and top direction should merely be doing determination that are or critical nature are of strategic importance. This authorization of employees gives them sense of duty, increases their committedness towards the organisation and salvage the cherished concern clip that is required to take the determination from top direction ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .


As it is really of import for organisations working in competitory concern environment, Vodafone ‘s human resource patterns besides work in the same manner, they try to retain their quality employees to travel to the competition. Their keeping schemes revolve around the good compensation and benefits, wage per public presentation, wagess and increases on good public presentation and so holding the well defined promotional system that gives the opportunity to every employee to execute and construct their callings and so turn. Their keeping policy is derived from the strategic aim of the organisation to be diversified in their concern, and same is the instance in their human resource direction ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

Performance Management & A ; Employee Relations

Below we shall see that public presentation direction is done in Vodafone, these lines will show the different methodological analysiss and patterns that are being adapted in the public presentation direction subdivision of strategic HRM of company.

Determination of Performance Targets

The first measure in strategic public presentation direction of the organisation is to find the needed public presentation marks of the organisation for the twelvemonth. These marks are derived by uniting figure of activities, foremost of all market analysis is done ; the direction analyze the external environment so that market growing tendencies and rivals market portion can be understand.

Once this measure is done direction have the background information for ruling the organisational public presentation for following twelvemonth, so the following measure is to make up one’s mind and hold upon the public presentation marks, one time the corporate degree marks are decided so these marks are divided into section degree marks. These section degree marks are so reflected in single degree marks and aims. ( Wall, 2007 ) .

Encouraged Individual Commitment

Vodafone has realized the importance of promoting the employee committedness towards organisational aim, as without this committedness employees will non be able to accomplish the public presentation that organisation is anticipating them to accomplish.

Once organisation is able to do the organisational objectives the mark of the single so we can see the success rate of accomplishing this aim is high. Therefore Vodafone increases the employee committedness to the organisational aims by affecting them in the nonsubjective devising procedure ( Rheem, 1996 ) . It has been the pattern in the Vodafone that directors and squads decide their public presentation marks themselves and one time these are approved by the direction their personal committedness to these marks is high. They strive and struggle more to accomplish the marks that has been made in audience with them ( Wall, 2007 ) .

Deputation, Mentoring and Coaching

There are some other activities that play their function in strategic direction of the public presentation of the organisation, Vodafone on the besides utilizing the three of the activities that are deputation of power with duty, proper mentoring and feedback system, and coaching ( Wall, 2007 ) .

Vodafone believes in deputation of power to the employees that are responsible for accomplishing certain marks, as duty comes with authorization, same is the doctrine that is applied throughout the Vodafone. Their civilization is degeneration of power so de-centralization, they try to give maximal power to their employees so that they can accomplish their duties with given authorization.

Vodafone besides believes in mentoring and coaching of employees, directors are encouraged to move as wise man for their squad members, this besides involves on occupation preparation for the squads, this systems encourages larning environment in the organisation ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

Monitoring and Feedback

Monitoring and feedback system is an of import portion of the organisational public presentation direction ; same is the instance with Vodafone. They have proper monitoring and feedback system that helps us supervising the public presentation and persons and squads. They have a quarterly public presentation direction system that relates the public presentation of the employees with their aims of that one-fourth. After the rating and monitoring of the public presentation of squads so feedback is provided to them. That system helps the organisational public presentation on the path and helps the organisation to remain on their public presentation aims throughout the twelvemonth ( Wall, 2007 ) .

Managing Under-Performance

Vodafone handles the underperformance of their employees by holding a proper monitoring system, they foremost evaluates the public presentation of the employees, so if squad members are found to be underachieving so they see that if there is any preparation demands. If there are developing demands so employees are sent on preparation, after the preparations their public presentation is once more monitored. If public presentation is found satisfactory so it is all right, if once more public presentation is non found satisfactory so employees are replaced to other occupations.

Employee Relationss

Vodafone puts particular accent on pull offing good dealingss with their employees ; they believe that their employees are their more of import assets, their human resource policies are more focussed towards pull offing their employee ‘s dealingss with the organisation. Their public presentation rating, benefits and compensation system is targeted towards retaining their employees and keeping their motive with the organisation.


Strategic human resource direction is the modern construct that is in pattern by different by different organisations, in this paper we have observed the strategic human resource direction patterns by one of the taking organisation in UK. We have observed their organisational aims with relation to their human resource direction activities. The focal point of the paper has been on the enlisting & A ; choice, preparation and development and acquisition maps and their relationship with organisational scheme. It has besides been observed that how public presentation direction system is working on strategic guidelines provided by the organisation and how it is playing function in competitory advantage.

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