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Based on the GEMS survey, I’ve found that my Grand Type is Results Oriented Team Player – Team Captain. I agree that this type fits me well as I possess many of the described traits in my assessment. As an employee, it’s important to me to be ambitious and strive for effectiveness and excellence. It was intriguing to see how many of the traits in my assessment I have. One trait that especially stood out is my eagerness to begin and finish assigned tasks. My goal is always to distinguish myself by delivering outstanding results in all endeavors.

I am extremely driven to accomplish my personal objectives, and I find it exhilarating when someone challenges or underestimates me. In approximately six weeks, I will be taking part in the Baltimore half-marathon. Although no one has directly said that I will not succeed, there are a few people who question my capability to triumph. The immense sense of fulfillment when I demonstrate them incorrect brings me tremendous happiness. Whether it is in my personal life or profession, disproving doubters gives me immense pleasure. Conquering something that others consider impossible genuinely brings me enjoyment.

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These examples illustrate the reasons behind my high percentages in job fulfillment (82%) and career ladder (87%). I value recognition for performing well in my job as it serves as a source of motivation. One area where I differ is the preference for collaborating with others rather than working alone. While I do appreciate working alongside colleagues, I personally prefer managing projects independently. Explaining my work to others requires patience which I lack. Although this may not be the most ideal approach, I strongly believe in the adage “If you want something done right, do it yourself”.

I believe that all of this ultimately stems from my strong desire to satisfy others and be recognized for outstanding performance. After completing this survey, I came to understand that I lack a nurturing aspect. The assessment indicated that people occasionally perceive me as insensitive or unsympathetic because I lack the interpersonal skills necessary to assist them in resolving the issues they require my help with. Furthermore, I often struggle to establish new friendships within the workplace. It is probable that my inability to nurture others is the underlying reason for this challenge.

Through the survey results, I have gained a new understanding of how others perceive me. This knowledge will definitely help in my professional growth. It has been revealed that it is important for me to dedicate time to support my colleagues, both personally and professionally. This will undoubtedly strengthen workplace relationships. Furthermore, I now comprehend the importance of shifting my focus from myself to the team I belong to. Even though I usually prefer working independently, I may realize that collaborating with others can be equally or even more effective.

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