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College Course Preference

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Calendar months from now. senior high school pupils will be graduating and will be come ining a new chapter of their lives—college life. In line with this. the incoming college freshers should hold decided on what plan they should take in college. Unfortunately. senior pupils presents are confronting a quandary on their college class penchant. This quandary made the research worker behavior a survey sing the factors that influence seniors’ determination devising in their college class penchant.

Information Technology. Nursing. and Hotel and Room Management are the usual classs that are taken up by many pupils because of the popularity.

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College Course Preference
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Some of them are constrained by their parents’ desire while some based their pick to one’s mental capacity. Some are hindered by their household position and there are those who still prosecute their dreams. Some are open and stop up taking a class which doesn’t fit them.

The seniors are loaded with a heap of school plants. their theses.

and basic accounting. On weekends. some still find clip to pass it with their friends in promenades. computing machine stores. play hoops or merely dillydally despite their busy agenda while some make usage of these yearss to analyze their following lessons or fix for their incoming thesis defence. These things made them bury that shortly. they will be go forthing this school and they need to pick a class and happen a university or college. They even missed to seek for classs and universities they might desire to use to but alternatively they arrive using for a class they don’t even like.

The research worker desires to assist the seniors and the following batches in make up one’s minding on what class to take in college by finding the factors that may act upon them. The research worker wanted them to hold an easier manner to do a pick through showing the respondents options that will find the factors act uponing their college class penchant. This may besides assist the counsel counsellor of the school in reding the pupils who are sing quandary sing their college class penchant.

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