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Genesis 39: 1-23

In this transition, there are many religious factors in this chapter. God uses many phrases to interpret into religious factors that were used back so and today besides.

In verse two it says, The Lord was with Joseph. This stating is the chief subject throughout the chapter. This stating goes all the manner back to Isaac and Jacob. Now it is being used here with Joseph. God s word still has non changed. When God told Joseph this he had merely been sold into bondage and he still had God with him. Psalms chapter 9 poetry 10 says Those who know your name will swear in you, for you, Lord, have ne’er forsaken those who seek you. God is still with us and he will ever be with us. In this poetry God is seeking to learn us that He is with the people who seek Him.

In verse nine Joseph Tells Potiphar s married woman, How so could I make such a wicked thing and wickedness against God. In this statement that Joseph made he is connoting that it would be a wickedness against Potiphar, his married woman, himself and that it would besides be a wickedness against God if he slept with her. In this poetry God is demoing us that we should remain pure until we get married and that it is clearly incorrect to perpetrate criminal conversation. It is obvious that Joseph knew how much God hates adultery and that he feared God plenty to defy this enticement.

Once once more in verse 21 God is still was with Joseph because he was faithful to God. God gives Joseph favour with the prison warden and causes him to demo

Berry, 2

Joseph kindness. Even in prison God blessed all that Joseph did and Joseph was put in charge of the captives. This shows us that no affair how bad a state of affairs may look that God is ever with those who love Him.

There are many practical factors that are found in this chapter. We can use many of them

to the manner we live our lives today and compare them to the manner they lived their lives many centuries ago.

In the first few poetries of the chapter it tells about how Joseph was sold into bondage and so Potiphar bought him. Even though Joseph did non desire to be a slave nor did he merit to be one, he was forced into this place. After he was made a slave he worked really hard as one and he did all of his undertakings to the best of his ability. This is the manner we should be in our occupations today, no affair if we do non wish it or if we do non like our foreman. We should still work to the best of our ability.

Potiphar s married woman attempts to convert Joseph to kip with her everyday. Joseph showed us that if our Black Marias are dedicated to God that we can defy enticements even if they occur on a day-to-day bases. The manner Joseph ran from her when they were the lone two in the house should be an illustration of the manner that we should fly from enticement.

God s program is clearly one adult male and one adult females committed to each other for life in matrimony. This is the manner God ever wanted it to be, for us to pattern abstention before matrimony, but Potiphar s married woman let her desires and her wants acquire in the manner of her relationship with God. Joseph loved and respected God plenty non to give into animal desires. Most people in the 21st century do non pattern this manner of life and

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most of them do non honour and remain loyal to their married woman or hubby. Peoples s deficiency of regard for God and His bids have led to many jobs in society. Some of the consequences to this rebellion is broken places, emotionally lacerate grownups and their kids, and sexually familial diseases.

Joseph s life is an illustration that bad fortunes are non ever a consequence of our noncompliance to God. We should non oppugn God or His program for our lives even when things do non travel our manner.

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