Globalization in India and Effects

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This paper will discuss the globalization of the nation state India and it’s social, economic, and environmental effects on the country. India is a nation state located in the continent of Asia, bordering Pakistan, China and Nepal to name a few. Its official language is Hindi and English, with a population of 1. 237 billion people. In 1848, the appointment of Lord Dalhousie as East India Company’s Governor

General had set the stage of the globalization of India. India began modernizing by being introduced to railways, canals and the telegraph by Europe. Indians however grew unsatisfied with the East India Company resulting in the Indian Rebellion of 1857, eventually leading up to the Indian National Congress being founded in 1885. Indian’s current governmental status is a federal parliamentary republic form. India has been listed as one of the least globalizes nation states in the world, but has yet nice improved.

Indian’s exports have raised, poverty has been lowered, and also the employment rate has gone up. Many foreign companies have looked into investing into more Indian industries as well. Globalization has also affected India socially. What seemed as uncommon before, having a television in the household, has become normality. Women who were once ridiculed and ignored, now know their rights and are much more assertive. However, native languages are almost becoming extinct, being replaced by English or others such as German or French.

Also, many of the natives are becoming more westernizes and traditional holidays are also being not taken as serious. The result of more cars, houses and roads in India has impacted the environment severely. Global warming is a threat and water is also becoming very scarce. Globalization affects on nation states can be negative or positive. India as a country has been affected by globalization tremendously and will continue to be affected as much as time changes.

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