The Effects of Globalization on Local Culture Essay

The effects of globalization on local culture In the past people said it is impossible to know about things that happen in any part of the same area. They think if it happens it will be magic. Nowadays the magic has become true. It is so easy to know about any event that happens in any part of the world at the same time! This is globalization, and it makes the big world like a small village without national borders but with the same language and laws, to make communication between people easier.

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The Effects of Globalization on Local Culture
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Also, it tries to change the local phenomena to be more global. Globalization has lots of effects on local culture, whether bad or good. The most common effects of globalization are the impact on customs, economic and industrial development, and language. The most important effects to focus on are the effects of globalization on customs and traditions. Nowadays the spread of cultural diversity and the possibility of people to access any cultural that they want to know about it become easier.

For example the teenagers like to follow foreign culture, by watching movies from Hollywood, then copy them in their way of style, but they forget their culture and customs without care. Because of that some people say globalization is risky for our local culture because it will eliminate cultural diversity. Others say that pluralism in culture will enhance peace and understanding between nations. Also, globalization has clear effects on economics and the industrial world. Nowadays economics creates global productive markets.

The transmissions of material become easier than before. That enables customers to acquire any kind of product from any part of the world in a short time easily. On the other hand, any kind of risk or bad time that affects the economics in any country will have a bad impact on all markets. In addition, globalization affects language. The stronger countries try to impose their language on the other countries. For example, when Arab users try to access the Internet to search for information about any topic, they will not find much information in Arabic.

So, they need to learn English because it has become global and they can find plenty of information, unlike the lack information that they will find with Arabic. In conclusion, globalization has both sides of effects, bad and good. We should try to accept everything that has good effects because it will improve ourselves and try to avoid the bad effects. These are good and bad effects of globalization on customs, economics, industrial development and on language.

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