God is a Personal Choice

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            The 20th century seemed to be defined by an explosion of various religions, all of which espoused their beliefs to be the one true religion that worships the one true God. The traditional religions had lost sight of the needs of their flocks and people needed daily guidance and relevance.

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            It is my belief that religion is simply a great divider amongst men. A tool used by people to instill fear and control over the simple minded folk and those who are incapable of understanding the true meaning of God in our daily lives. I therefore concur with Charles Hutchens and his work in his published book entitled “God Is Not Great: Hoe Religions Poisons Everything”. Religion spoils everything. But, I strongly disagree about his views about God. In my opinion God is great.

            Religion no longer a spiritual journey in these modern times. It has simply become a tool for certain unscrupulous organizations to take money from those who are simple minded enough to believe that religion has something to do with God. I am not an Agnostic person for I believe that there is a Supreme Being who created all of these wonderful things in our lives. I am a Gnostic who believes that there is good in mankind, because he is God’s creation and God, simply put, is a good being.

            In my own published book ” Echoes of Heaven”, I defined the true religion as the relationship between God and Man. Religion is not something that can be measured in terms of people packed into the churches, auditoriums, temples, and the like on days of worship. Neither is it something that can be dictated by political scenarios of any country in turmoil.

            The greatness of God does not rely on the strength or size of a congregation and religion is not a lifestyle dictated by the church. Instead, both can be considered as a personal experience that is unique for each person. The realization of the greatness of God depends upon how we view him to be. The God based upon religion is a mass consumption God that nobody will really understand because it is in the confusion where the poison of religion lies. That is the God who has been manipulated by religion and greedy needs of the religious folk. But a personal God, the God untainted by politics and war-torn religious beliefs because he is based upon our own personal ideal, he is the great God.

            A relationship with God has nothing to do with religion because, as I explained in my book, it is ” an experience of faith, a personal revelation through visions and dreams that come across with great feeling and beauty. It will help you to understand the role of the spiritual in your life and make you feel a little closer to God.”

            When we realize that God is great because of what we believe him to be in our daily lives, without being influenced by religion or politics, we will realize that religion is a poison that exists not to unite us all in a belief pertaining to God. Rather, it allows a group of people to control our belief in all that makes this world good and great. God does not choose his relationships with his followers based upon politics and financial capability. God is a personal choice, a belief that his greatness is built upon that special relationship each individual creates in private prayer and contemplation with him.

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