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Factors influence on leadership style choice

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1Business owners are faced with plenty of decisions. How we choose to lead affects the way our workers perform and, therefore, the way our goods and services earn money and satisfy your clients. Leadership, while often steeped in personal style, should not be arbitrary. Understanding factors that influence how we lead our staff can help us manage our personnel more effectively. In my opinion, there are 3 main factors that influence my choice of leadership style: myself personality, my employees and working environment.

Firstly, one factor determining leadership style that cannot be ignored is the personality of the individual who is in charge of a group of employees. Aligning an individual’s basic nature with a particular method of management is most often successful, because the leader will be comfortable with it.

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Factors influence on leadership style choice
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For example, if I am an outgoing and sociable person, so I am more likely to connect with people and communicate with me, then I would like to choose the transformational leadership style.

Secondly, employee diversity also has the important influence on the leadership style choice. A company is likely to employ people of different races, gender, ages and cultures. Leaders must respond to this diversity with a vision for their staff and by developing a multi-cultural approach to their work. The styles of management most compatible with a diverse set of workers include a participatory method, in which the leader works closely with employees to help them assimilate and succeed. For example, my company with information technology businesses may attract younger workers who thrive in a collaborative environment. This work style is open, with tasks spread across several employees. With a horizontal flow of ideas, I may rely more on two-way communication than in an office with staff working independently in cubicles. How closely you work with employees affects your interactive style. That is one of main reasons why I choose transformational leadership style In addition, the working environment can have a big impact on the leadership style we might adopt. The two main influences are the demands of the organization, its market, systems and processes and the culture of the organization.

Organizations that deal with safety critical products or services, which carry high risk, require fast responses or are coming under attack or criticism, are more likely to foster aggressive styles of leadership. Those organizations that encourage continuous improvement and innovation, or which are keen to develop customers, staff and suppliers, are more likely to foster participative styles of leadership. Organizational culture refers to “the way things are done around here”. It is the collective version of individual personality and determines how the organization’s leadership communicates and makes decisions. An organization’s culture tends to reinforce compatible styles of leadership in its junior leaders. In conclusion, leadership style is all about the approach you adopt as a leader. There are a number of styles available to you and a number of factors that might influence the style you will adopt. Whether you exercise flexibility and choice is down to you.

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