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Government cutbacks affect us all, and they have an adverseaffect on our society, and our ways of living. With thesecutbacks, It is hard to have an optimistic outlook for ourfuture. The most important and most expensive services thatare recieving cuts, are in health care and education. It isimportant that these services are not cut any further, and thatwe continue to spend in these areas. Our health and ourchildren’s education are hurting as a direct result of thegovernment’s spending.

We have overspent money that we shouldn’t have for anumber of years.

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Each year a different politician gets up,and decides how the money is going to get distributed. It isunderstandable that government find some ways to recoupesome money, and they have done a great job with welfare,and in many other cost saving ways. But the most importanthealth care and education should not be cut back. Why, youask? we’ll start off with education. Children are our future. They are the future teachers and doctors, lawyers andpoliticians.

Class sizes have grown to very high numbers, it isnot unusual to see a class have an average of 35 students. With the larger class sizes, you create a balance for thestudents. On the one side, you have the very smart kids. Inthe middle, you have the average kids. And on the other side,you have the kids that have a lot of potential, but they need theattention to succeed. The smart ones will be fine, the averageones will likely sneak through, the ones that is going to havethe worst time of all, and who the cuts are going to hit, isgoing to be the kids that need the attention. It is happeningall the time, kids are dropping out of school, when they turnsixteen. They dream that they will go far, but they are failingbadly and decide that school’s not for them. 90% of all theprison population in the United States, are high schooldropouts (Statistic of C.N.N.). That statistic alone is enoughto continue our high standards in education. Continuing on to healthcare. We have grown to love ourhealth care system. Anytime that we are sick, we can visitthe doctor, or go to the hospital. Well this too could be a thingof the past, with the continued cutbacks. Look what ishappening to our hospitals.Our health care system was theenvy of the world, but this is quickly becoming something out ofthe past.Look at whats happening in our region of Niagara. They have decided that Niagara-On-The-Lake hospitalshould be closed. The same with the Hotel Dieu hospital in St.

Catharines, and the same with another hospital. All theservices would then be provided at the St.CatharinesGeneral. Beds would be eliminated, jobs would be elimated,and our safety would be jepordized. People would be dyingon route to the hospital, because they were too far away fromthe hospital. Looking further and going more in depth, governmentcutbacks are creating a problem with unemployment. We areletting young teachers go by the dozen, as well as nurses,government workers, the list goes on and on. Well qualifiedand educated people are deciding that they should find workelsewhere, and they choose to leave Canada. In the cashstrapped society that we are living in, we must create newprograms to get people jobs, cutting programs is eliminatingjobs. In these hard times, the most important thing that we can dofor our futures, is protect our health and our education. Wecan compare our health care system to that of the UnitedStates, and see how much better our system is. With oureducation, we have created some good students, but it has tocontinue. If we allow the budget to get smaller, the onlylosers are going to be the students. Its our future that we’refighting for, isn’t Canada’s future worth it? ————————————————————–


GOVERNMENT CUTBACKS. (2019, Jan 25). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/government-cutbacks/

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