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“The officer gazed at Daisy as she spoke, in a manner that every young girl desires to be gazed at occasionally…” (75) The Great Gatsby Love, love, love; the subject of every conversation. Every film, every show, every narrative discusses the tale of two individuals falling in love and living happily forevermore. Every story reaches the consensus that the love between the couple was extraordinary and that the two lovers were a flawless match. However, what occurs when two lovers come from different social classes? What transpires when they have no shared interests?”

Each main character in the novel has their own goals, which carry varying levels of significance and symbolism. The central focus of the novel is Gatsby’s pursuit of an unattainABLE goal: winning back Daisy’s love by amassing power and wealth. Unlike the other characters, Gatsby has well-defined and determined aspirations. However, Daisy ultimately shatters Gatsby’s American dream of wealth and love.
Gatsby American Dream
Gatsby American dream

is ultimately destroyed by Daisy’s actions.

Gatsby’s goal of achieving success through criminal activities not only deserves to be unattainable but is also worse than having no dream at all. Nick encounters Gatsby in East Egg, a place where the wealthy who have quickly earned their fortunes but lack extravagant social lives reside. Their initial meeting as neighbors is slightly uncomfortable, and Gatsby remains enigmatic for a while. “Even you now – isn’t that enough? I can’t change the past,” Daisy sobs, feeling helpless. “I did love him once – but I also loved you.” Nonetheless, Daisy, who prefers a trouble-free life and smooth sailing, leaves him upon discovering that Gatsby’s money is obtained illegally and that he is involved in bootlegging. Apart from Nick, Daisy leads one of the most fulfilled lives in this novel even without a dream. It seems that Daisy nearly proves that living a life like hers is far superior to risking everything for an unattainable dream.

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