Group Projects: Building the Sense of TeamWork

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For our site specific project I felt that the whole team in total did a great job. There were minor mistakes we made but we did well overall. There were some challenges when we were trying to come up with a dance with the environment. The most challenging part of the project was dancing outside to where everyone could see what we were doing. There were several distractions when we would try to come up with the dance.

There was somebody that got mad at us because he couldn’t put up this thing to where he could lay down in between the trees. We had to explain to him that we were doing a project here then he Just flicked us off. It was also a distraction because a lot of people I knew walked by and would do things to try to distract me from doing the dance. So the most challenging thing was being distracted since we were outside with people walking by.

I felt that what the success was when we were coming up with Ideas on the type of moves to do. Since there were six of us It was easier to come up with a lot of Ideas. Someone would come up with an idea and other people in the group would build off of that idea. Also the place where we were at was a big open space to where you can come up with a lot of Ideas on what to use with our project. I felt that I contributed a lot of Ideas and also strength to the group.

They first came up with the Idea that one f the girls should climb the tree somehow to add to the dance. While they were testing it out, they had a hard time doing it. So I decided since it is easier for me to lust hop on the tree, why won’t I Just hop on the tree while the rest of everyone acts Like they cutting the tree down. So I felt I help out with a key part of the dance. What I gained from the collaboration was different ways to come up with ideas from building off of other people ideas and the sense of team work.

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