Guns Guns and gun crimes have been around for hundreds of years and no talk of banning guns from citizens. It is our right to bear arms. Citizens should not be banned from owning firearms because of a few people’s mistakes; it’s a form of protection. Also, criminals will always be able to find guns, so it would be a waste of everyone’s time to try and ban them from everyone. Yes, most violent crimes are caused by guns, and the rates have been higher. However, it is a protection. In the Balanced Politics article, “Women and weaker individuals may have no means of self-defense from rape or other crimes, especially in the inner city. That’s not saying every women should carry a gun, but it gives a valid example. Or, how about an armed robber that comes into your house. Are you supposed to defend yourself with a fork? When selling guns there should just be more thorough back ground checks and frequent checks on the individual with the gun. Just because there are few people that do not have self-control and use a gun in a violent act towards others, doesn’t mean that the rest of the world should have to give up a type of protection.

Banning guns is also a waste of time, it will be almost impossible to eliminate all the guns around American someone will always have a gun or two to sell and so on. Or maybe making their own guns and so on. Like the Balanced Politics article said “Banning guns will create another potentially large source of organized criminal revenue, as a black market for guns will surely develop. ” Just imagine how much more time and effort of the police will be taken looking for illegal gun exchanges or bringing down the guns black market.

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We need our police patrolling for violent crimes not looking for guns being sold. It is already bad enough they spend most of their time making drug arrests more often than others. So why add unnecessary gun arrests too? Of course, there is an upside to banning guns as well, for example minimizing violent crimes. Fewer guns, less crimes right? Taking away guns, means taking them away from the people that cause violent crimes with them. Guns are the hot topic right now because of the fact that they are so lethal; they are the weapon of choice for people.

Taking them away seems like the smart choice in minimizing the violence. The article Pros and Cons of Gun Control states, “The bottom line is that a gun is a lethal weapon and its only function is to kill…If firearms were less prevalent in society criminals would have greater difficulty laying hands on them. ” With that, there is hope that violent crimes would occur less often. People figure, taking away the weapon used in these violent crimes it will minimize the amount of times the crimes occur. All in all, we as citizens have the right to protect ourselves.

In the constitution it states we have the right to bear arms. So trying to take away that right can cause us to change the constitution. Is it really worth all that trouble, taking away guns won’t happen anytime soon and most likely will never happen. Citizens should not be banned from owning guns. Those few people that take advantage of our freedom are killing it for everyone else and everyone else should not be the ones to blame. Not everyone is buying guns to go out and kill people. We do not deserve to be punished because of other people’s mistakes.

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