Heaven and God in Hard Times

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How do I keep my faith alive? In this essay I will talk about how my family keeps my faith alive. All families are different with their faith and how they keep it alive.

My family keeps our faith going by going to church at least once a month. During Christmas we have a little glass statue of the manger and we put it up every year. We also try to go to Christmas mass. We also pray every time we eat a family dinner. During Christmas we decorate the Christmas tree with a bunch of ornaments some of Christ and some of memories.

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It’s important to keep your faith going because then you can pass your faith down to your children. Faith is important because it nourishes the heart and soul. It acts like a pathway to finding solutions. Another way for teenagers to commit to faith is to write tangible commitments down on note cards and give it to their friends to hold them accountable.

Also, we are never very far away from our cell phones have someone you trust at the other end in case you need to call. In faith it’s like having Heaven to reach to in a time of need. Also carry a set of rosaries in your pocket let it be your reminder of Mary’s yes to God even in hard times. I try to pray every day before I go to bed.

When you’re tempted to look at someone and judge them, think to yourself, they are one of God’s children just like me. Use the gifts God gave us to choose alternative ways and not sin against him.

Faith doesn’t give up it keeps on going through Sickness and Health we have to pray and it’s more important when we are ready to give up that’s when our Faith has to become patient. We grow in Faith, and it takes time. It is important to remember it’s the struggle that strengthens us.

There are many ways to practice Faith thru prayer, helping, giving and loving. Life is to short not to make the most of every day. Don’t be mad it is a waste of energy. Smile, Laugh and Love. Be good to people share what information you have and help when you can.

Prayers have a way to bring peace and comfort to people teach the ones you know to others in times of need. Several times I have used the prayer circle in the family or with a friend when there was serious sickness pending. It helped by bringing peace and comfort to the family.

I think we come into Faith not knowing anything and along the way we experience many things through life’s lesson. We learn about the birth of our Lord in a stable. We learn about the lessons with the disciplines and all the people. It is all simple and figured out one step at a time and that is what we have.

In Faith we have to take our knowledge and our lessons and practice them in living our lives one day at a time, one step at a time. Faith will follow us if we believe in it. It will guide us through the good and the bad times and get us where we need to be and let us help others along the way. It is in this blessing we will be blessed.

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