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Heaven Is For Real

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Heaven is for Real Reflection In the movie, Heaven is for Real, Todd Burro retells the story of his son, Colt n. Todd has a wife named Asana who is a stay at home mom and also sings at the church chi where Todd is a pastor at. They have another child named Cassia who takes the role as Co Ton’s older sister. Their family is not very wealthy and Todd has to work three jobs to try to keep up with all of the expensive bills.

One day the family decides to go on vacation to Den ever to try to get their minds Off all Of the stress going on at home. On their car ride back to the r hometown, Colon suddenly gets sick.

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Heaven Is For Real
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A few days later, Colon is still not doing well and the eye decide to rush him to the emergency room. When they get their, the doctors tell them that he has appendicitis and will need surgery immediately to get his appendix removed.

In surgery Colon gets a near death experience and goes to heaven and back. When he c moms back home and is doing well again, Colon mentions that he wants to go back to De never so he can hold the tarantula again at the zoo. He does, and tells his dad that we never to be cared and also that he has been there before.

His dad is confused and won errs why his son said this and used words out of his vocabulary. Todd continues to talk to him and Colon tells him that he went to heaven and heard the angels singing to him. He says he s away the doctors operating on his body and also he says he saw Todd yelling at God in the chapel and saw his mom talking on the phone in the other. Todd throughout the movie tries to SE eek the truth of Colon’s unbelievable story by talking to his peers and also a professional, and most of the people thinks he is crazy.

Colon then tells him he met Toddy’s great grandfather ere in heaven and then later he tells Asana that he met his second sister who died in the www MBA. The Burro’s then realize their son has gone to heaven and back. Todd realizes this is a usage from God and he begins preaching about Heaven and how its up to ourselves on howe we view it.

  1. Is heaven a physical place?
  2. If you go to hell, will God ever bring you back to him if you are willing to?
  3. Do most people go to purgatory before heaven or do some just go straight the ere?

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