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Held and Hein study

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Held and Hein
There are two 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses using animals or humans in Held and Hein study. First of all, strengths of using animals are animals do not have social influence. Compared to people, they are more likely to be adapted after they carry out the experiment and experimenters also do not have to worry about side effects. People might suffer serious long-term psychology harms after the experiment. In addition, even though it is unethical, we can deprive the animals like able to remove from mother and littermates.

It is much safer than using human as participants. For example, when pharmacists develop the new medicine, we should use the animals as we cannot use people for every single drug tests. There are definitely some weaknesses using animals. As animals cannot communicate to people, it is too hard to carry on the experiment sometimes. They might not follow the instructions that the experimenters want or they may die because of too much stress.

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Held and Hein study
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Due to this communication errors, the experimenters may hard to rate the proper results. It is obvious that the reliability is going to drop and the test will mess up. Best of all, both of these weaknesses are unethical so they have to control by themselves.

For the using humans, it is good as they can start the earlier age because compared to animals, they born with eyes opened. Therefore, it is more suitable to start the experiment with clear vision. Secondly, if they use humans, they are able to generalize to others. If we use animals, we are not able to apply to humans because they may have some changes. Moreover, experimenters may able to select the samples through interviews or observation. However, if they use animals instead of humans, they just can see the appearance or durability of the animals. Same as animals using, there are some ethical concerns which are psychological harmful and not respect humans’ rights. It is kinds of abusing if experimenter put the babies into the carousal and passive group should restrict to move freely. It may cause serious psychological harms especially, they are still young so it may influence to their social interactions. Even though, experimenters take care of them carefully, it is too crucial to put them into carousal 3 hours a day. Based on my essay, there are no right or wrong. It depends how the experimenters treat them properly. However, in my opinion, the use of animals is better suited for this study.

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