Slogan: “Aid Ever, Hurt Never”

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Every educated individual should prosecute himself or herself in selfless service to society with humbleness and a pure bosom. All academic differentiations or even observation of religious patterns are of no usage if there is no love in the bosom. Love and compassion are built-in in every individual. Each has to portion this love with others. Failure to portion one’s love is gross ungratefulness to society. to which one owes everything. One should give one’s love freely to others and have love in return. This is the deep significance of human life.

To sublimate the head. one should foster baronial and sacred ideas of service to others. One who does non ache anybody and has feelings of love and compassion to fellow existences is the greatest of work forces. That is why sage Vyasa gave the kernel of the 18 Puranas ( Bibles ) in the apothegm: Aid Ever. Hurt Never.

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Aid rendered. nevertheless little. if it comes from the deeper impulses of service welling in the bosom is every bit good as the offer of life itself. Look about for opportunities to alleviate. deliverance or resuscitate. Train yourselves that you may render aid rapidly and good. Seva is the most paying signifier of asceticism. the most hearty and the most enjoyable. It springs out of Love and spreads Love in profuseness. To assist the helpless is the lone manner to delight Him. to follow and make Him.

Serve people with no idea of high or low ; no Seva is high. no Seva is low. each act of Seva is equal in the oculus of the Lord. It is the preparedness. the joy. the efficiency. the accomplishment with which you rush to make it that affairs. Train yourselves to function God by functioning adult male. in whom there is God installed in the bosom. Convert yourself that the seva of adult male is worship of God.

Attempts to function must jump from torment at the agony of others and the service must be echt attempt to acquire rid of that torment. Make non worry about the consequence. Help every bit much as you can. every bit expeditiously as you can. every bit mutely as you can. every bit fondly as you can. go forth the remainder to God. who gave you the opportunity to server.

You should do every attempt to avoid harming others in any circumstance. You are merely aching yourself when you hurt others. You should non utilize rough words. When you develop human values. you can be free from diseases and even bask good wellness with God’s Grace.

Ahimsa. the virtuousness of non-violence involves much more than abstinence from wounding living existences. One should abstain from doing hurting to any populating being non merely by his workss but even by his words and even in his ideas. One should non entertain any thought of aching or mortifying another.

Service to adult male will assist your deity to bloom. for it will joy your bosom and do you experience that life has been worthwhile. Service to adult male is service to God. For He is in every adult male and every life being and in every rock and stump. Offer your endowments at the Feet of God ; allow every act be a flower. free from crawling worms of enviousness and egoism and full of aroma of love and forfeit. If you have the endowment. utilize it for the glory of God and make it by elating adult male. A manishi ( ordinary adult male ) gets transformed into Maharishi ( sage ) by prosecuting in altruistic service.

You have to transform your life through service. You should give no room for haughtiness or opportunism to the slightest extent in your service activities. Install in your bosom the feeling that the service you render to anyone is service to God. Merely so does service to adult male go service to Madhava.

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