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The Hurt Locker is a movie directed by Kathryn Bigelow. set in the Iraq war. The movie is about three work forces who makeup an explosives regulation squad ; Staff Sargent Matthew Thompson ( Guy Pearce ) . Sergeant J. T. Sanborn ( Anthony Mackie ) . and Specialist Owen Eldridge ( Brian Geraghty ) . In the beginning. a bomb disposal goes bad and Sargent Matthew Thompson is killed by the blast. Eldridge blames himself for his friend’s decease because he had the opportunity to hit the bomber. but he was excessively frightened and so his friend died. The chief character Sargent First Class William James ( Jeremy Renner ) takes up the empty topographic point on the bomb crew. James is a wildman. he does his occupation perilously. while spreading a auto bomb. and he took off his bomb suit because he wanted to “die comfortably” . James does non work good with his squad. in one instance he took off his headset so his squad leader could non pass on with him while defusing a bomb. This film shows the existent fright of war and how things don’t ever turn out good. Eldridge invites his commanding officer out to the field to see what truly goes on ; this ends up in the commanding officer being killed by a bomb and leaves Eldridge feeling like it was his mistake.

This film doesn’t follow a normal narrative secret plan. it is merely random events. The film was made to demo the hurting. agony. and danger of existent war. it has no secret plan construction. The playing in this film was dramatic. all of the histrions truly pulled off their character. The film had great directing. redacting. and particular effects. It was really cliff-hanging. the music was great. and it had a great subject to it. This film was made merely to demo what war is truly similar. and I think it did a great occupation at that. I think it reached its mark market really good. anyone who wants a really realistic war action film would be satisfied with this movie.

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James began a friendly relationship with a immature Iraqi male child who sells DVDs near the cantonment. they play soccer together. In one scene. James finds the boy’s dead organic structure in a bomb warehouse. The organic structure is cut down the center and an explosive was placed inside him to be used as a “body bomb” . James feels like it was his responsibility to do certain his friend got a proper entombment. So he opens the organic structure and removed the bomb. so carried the organic structure out. The following twenty-four hours. the male child walks up and asks him to play association football. James is angry because that organic structure wasn’t truly his friend. and he went through that atrocious experience for nil.

One major scene in this film is when they are under fire in the desert. They were hiting snipers back and Forth with two enemies. Eldridge saw a adult male nearing the group from buttocks. he was afraid to hit back. but retrieving his friend’s decease from the beginning of the film he decides to hit. He killed that adult male but he perchance saved his teams life this clip.

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