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Hirschi’s Social Control Theory

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I do agree with Travis Hirschi’s Social Control Theory. Like him, I also believe that individuals who are in tight bonds with certain social groups like family, friends, and colleagues are less likely to commit crime. These people tend to be sentient and conscious to the feelings of others—especially when we talk about family and friends. People like this will not do any offense to others because they will come to think of others doing anything wrong to his family or even to him.

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Hirschi’s Social Control Theory
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When a person is well perceptive to the feelings of others, he is likely not to do things that hurt them. As stated by the Hirschi’s Social Control Theory, there are four important elements of the social bond namely, an attachment to others, a commitment to the conventions of society, involvement in “conventional activities” and a belief in the rules of a moral society. I believe that only one element of the social bond is worth noting.

The most important of the four is the attachment for others.

This is because when you care for others, you will be committed and be responsible for the conventions of the society. You will not do anything odd and strange that may harm other people. It also follows that you will be involved in conventional activities when you are attached to others. Conventional activities tend to pertain to things that society has been doings for a long time. Lastly, the belief in the rules of a moral society is also a result of being sensitive to others. Being morally conscious to the belief of the society will create peace and harmony to people within it.

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