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Debate on Homosexuality in Society

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Homosexuals are individuals who prefer having affairs with someone of the same sex as them. In America homosexuality is frowned upon by many people especially people in the Church and individuals who believe in only heterosexual relationships. Back in the day homosexuality was frowned upon to the highest extent people viewed it as a disease. In other countries if anyone was found in any homosexual activities the punishment would be death. I know in Jamaica they have a cliff where they hang individuals who are gay or accused in homosexual activities.

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Debate on Homosexuality in Society
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Other countries individuals are stoned to death. But now as times have changed many people are becoming open to the homosexual culture especially in the united states. Many people still frown upon though. In the united states the only states to legalize gay marriage are Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont. The rest either banned it or haven’t taken it into consideration. Even though in the new millennium more homosexuals are opened about their gender many people are still condemned because of it.

Eddie bishop long is a famous preacher in Atlanta who was recently accused of having sexual relationship which tow males that attended the church. People are appalled by this because he’s a pastor and secondly if these allegations are true he’s going against what he preaches. In the bible homosexual activities are viewed as a sin. Personally if he did have relations with these boys that’s his business but he shouldn’t be preaching about one thing then doing another, because then you become hypocritically. He has been protesting on a national ban for same sex marriage.

He’s not the first person who is like a godly figure to be accused of having sexual relations with men. I guess because they are people of high stature its looked down upon because they are preaching about what thing then doing another. In the reading “How homophobia hurts everyone,” by Warren Blumefield before I even read the passage I didn’t understand why was the name of the passage. Before I read it I already had negative images in my mind. I think the title of it is wrong because I don’t believe that homosexuality hurts anyone.

If you don’t like it then that’s your business I don’t believe you should persecute someone because of their sexual orientation. That title is basically saying that homosexuality is a disease and we need a cure for it. In the passage the author quotes that he became a target to kids to ridicule him and target him as someone who was “different. ” They called him names like “faggot, queer, sissy, little girl”(377). As I read into the passage I began to understand the title even more because he was homosexual the people around him even though they weren’t homosexual was teased and ridiculed because of his orientation.

Which is not fair you are suppose to judge someone by their character not by their sexual orientation, race or creed. The debate on homosexuality I think is going to be a lifelong debate. The reason for this because you are going to have people who believe that homosexuality should be banned and others who believe that it shouldn’t. Personally I don’t care what someone’s sexual preferences is because its none of my business. I’m not homosexual and it is against my religion, but I believe that everyone she be able to love who they want without no fear in their life.

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