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Horizontal and Vertical Analysis from Macy’s Inc.

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    The following financial report is generated from the Financial Statements of the department stores and Internet Websites that sell a range of merchandise, including men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel; and accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings, and other consumer goods. Macy’s, Inc. The figures stated above we’re taken or consequent from the Balance Sheets of Jan 31st, 2009 and Jan 30th, 2010 and the 52-week periods Income Statement from those dates. The Total Assets from the company represent a figure of 21,300 in the latest year, which represent a decrease of 3. 2% from the previous year.

    The Current Assets sum up a total of 30. 44% and 32. 31% of the Total Assets as of January 2009 and January 2010 dates respectively, which represent a real growth, between the dates, of $142 to reach the $6,882. Part of this growth is due to the increase of 29. 1% of the Cash and Cash Equivalents account, which in the later date is valued as $1,686; it also increase its participation in the total assets from 5. 9% to 7. 92% from one year to another. Also worthwhile mentioning is the significant reduction of the Accounts Receivable of 18. 5% which varied $81 from the $439 figure we had in the FY08. On the other hand we have that current assets represented 69. 56% and 67. 69% of the Assets value from each date in order, it had a cut of $987 from the first period which resulted in a $14,418 value of the account in the final period closing. The most important account in the Non-Current is the Property Plant and Equipment, which suffered a loss of $935, which in turn is 8. 95% from the 10,442 of the FY08. The account is the biggest of the total assets taking 47. 15% and 44. 63% in each closing.

    On the other side of the balance we have that the total Liabilities represent a total of 79. 02% and 77. 93% of the total assets, the $16,599 figure, of that account, is less than the previous one by $900. The Current Liabilities signify $4,454 and a 20. 91% of the assets of the FY09 closing, which is a drop of $672 from the previous closing, which scored 23. 15% of the Total Assets from that year. The most important account of the Current Liabilities is the Accounts Payable which is 11. 88% and 12. 33% of the total assets each year closing. But, the Current Portion of Bank Loans suffered a big decline of 74. 5% of the $966 of the FY08 closing. The biggest section of the liabilities plus equity side is the Non-Current Liabilities which represent a 55. 87% and 57. 02% which lessened by $228 from $12,373. Also the Long Term Obligations represent a big part of the Liabilities, which varied only $277 from the $8,733 of FY08, but take a $39. 44% and 39. 7% of the total assets. The Equity is a reflection of 20. 98% and 22. 07% of each year total assets in chronological order. And Retained Earnings is the one that had a big change of 13. 25% by increasing its total value to $2,274 from $2,008.

    On the Income Statement section we had lesser sales in the latest period from the previous one of 5. 64% to be left at $23,489. But also the General Expenses decrease its 55. 69% part of the Net Sales and represented only a 34. 32% of the same. The decrease was considerably big, because it dropped 41. 85% from the $13,863 of the previous period. From that point the EBIT which was negative on the previous fiscal year it was left at the $1,063, which in turn is a 4. 53% of the Net Sales. The Income before Taxes of the period ending in January 30th, 2010 was reduced to 2. 37% by the financial expenses to reach a $507 (which represent a 2. 6% of the Net Sales. Ultimately the Taxes cut the Net Income to 1. 49% of the Net Sales which meant a value of $350. In the Fiscal Year Ending on Jan 31st, 2009 the figures the EBIT, Income before Taxes and Net Loss are all negative which make them incomparable to the numbers from the following fiscal year. Disclaimer: The preceding report is generated from the point of view from the analysts, the use of this report as a financial tool is to the discretion of the reader, the analysts of the report will not be held responsible in any way from the decisions taken from it.

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