How Sadness Came To The Anasazi

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How Sadness Came To The Anasazi (p. 137)

            The Anasazi are a proud tribe because of their beautiful pair of horns. It was their crowning glory. The bigger the horn one has, the more famous he was among his tribesmen. Their horns distinguished them from all the other tribes in the world. And these all other tribes looked up to them in fear because the Anasazi were a superior race in battle because of their horns. They looked up to them also in admiration for their horns made them beautiful. Thus, the whole world considered them the chosen peoples of the gods because of their superior characteristics. This made the Anasazi a proud and jubilant tribe on the face of the earth. And the gods found favor in them.

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            Sadee is a young Anasazi but he already has a very big pair of horns. This made him the proudest of all the Anasazi people. Nobody could equal him in horn battle for he could gore any opponent before they could ever come close. Because of his superior qualities, nobody would ever dare challenge him in battle. This fact made Anasazi the most famous Anasazi in all the world. His strength captivated lots of people. To the Anasazi, he was their champion and they were so proud of him. And this pride alone gave them all joy.

            The Anasazi have divining eyes. The physical attributes of Sadee are superb and without equal, however, his heart was too proud. He was haughty in everything he did. His pride surpassed all limits of propriety. It would be understandable if Sadee should only boast of his skills and his praise himself for his superb looks. Unfortunately, his pride went to his head and taught him to challenge the old Anasazis. He challenged his own father in battle. He also challenged all the elders in battle. And worse, he challenged the high priest for leadership of the tribe.

            To the Anasazis, Sadee is admirable but he should learn to respect. The strength of ones horn is to protect and not to aggrandize one’s self. However, nobody from the Anasazi tribe would dare take his challenge for nobody could win against him. And since nobody would take his challenge, Sadee boasted more and more and demeaned the elders and the high priest. And he abused his superior abilities and maltreated his fellow tribesmen.

            The gods began to turn a sour eye against Sadee. They knew that should this continue, the Anasazi tribe will destroy itself. Time will come when only Sadee will be the only Anasazi left and no one will be left with him to perpetuate their existence. So the gods agreed to silence Sadee and to send Griminu, the god of equality, to teach Sadee the lesson.

            However, because of their favor towards the Anasazi, Griminu first consulted the high priest and the elders before teaching Sadee a lesson. The high priest and the elders were reluctant about granting Griminu’s purpose for Sadee was their champion and their source of pride and joy. Griminu, sensing that the Anasazi may not agree, made a resolute decision and communicated it to the Anasazis and said that he will teach Sadee a lesson by cutting up his horns. The high priest and the elders agreed only if Sadee will be given a chance to defend himself. Thus, it was agreed that Griminu will challenge Sadee to a duel. Sadee may do anything to defend himself. And Griminu may do anything to achieve his goal.

            It was a sure defeat for Sadee. And he knew that. Everybody in the tribe knew that. And this weighed most heavily on Sadee. So before the fight could start, Sadee came to the battle arena with only one horn. He had cut his horn himself. And carrying his cut horn with one hand, he walked into the arena with tears. It was the first time that they saw an Anasazi cry. Yet all members of the tribe discerned what those tears were for. Somehow, they felt what Sadee felt that day. You see, a Anasazi with only one horn is no Anasazi at all. And they knew that their champion must be banished from their tribal grounds forever.

            Sensing that his purpose has already been achieved, Griminu left the scene. And the Anasazis became the saddest tribe that day for they had to banish their champion from their presence forever. The source of all their pride and joy will be gone forever. And from that moment, the Anasazis will no longer know of pride and joy anymore. As for Sadee, he will wander the earth the rest of his life with no friend and no family and must fend for himself with only just one horn. As to his other horn, he could only hold it to remind himself of his glory days. That was a sad day. That was how the Anasazis knew of sadness—when they lost their joy.

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