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I disagree with the editorial I do because I feel like the only reason why his examiner was fired is because the seriousness of the case an the publicity it brung. I feel like in the case it was a regular case he wouldn’t have been fired. Just because there was a simple mind change during the case does not give them the right to fire him. Telling Shiping Bao to resign was unnecessary an he should file for a law suit. Citation: By Lateef Mungin, CNN http://www. cnn. com/2013/09/12/justice/trayvon-martin-medical-examiner-fired/index. html?

hpt=hp_t2 “Krispy Kreme Donuts Will Make You Fat, According to a Bigger Tyler Zeller Cavaliers big man is far bigger this offseason, which is remarkable considering he ended last season at a svelte 238 pounds. Per the report, the 7-footer suffered from the flu to close out the 2012-13 season, dropping him to just under 240 when he was used to playing at around 250 pounds. Well, he lived the dream for a spell and ate anything he wanted, including delicious Krispy Kreme donuts. Apparently he once ate 10 in one sitting. “They’re so good. If you get them hot…

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I ate about six in probably 10 minutes, maybe less. ” I do agree with the article I agree because if you look at the health facts on the products of krispy kreme donuts it does contain a lot of fat. These fats are not good for your body because they mostly consist of saturated fats. So I do agree with the article these Krispy Kreme donuts are a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic in America. Citation : BY GABE ZALDIVAR (POP CULTURE LEAD WRITER) ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2013 http://bleacherreport. com/articles/1770575-krispy-kreme-donuts-will-make-you-fat-according-to-a-bigger-tyler-zeller?

utm_source=cnn. com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial&hpt=hp_t3 New rifle mimics machine gun’s rapid fire — and it’s legal “Slide Fire, based in Moran, Texas, plans to sell a semiautomatic rifle that mimics the rapid fire of a machine gun and is also fed bullets from a belt, which provides a huge capacity for ammunition — potentially thousands of rounds. Brandon Renner, sales and marketing manager for Slide Fire, says the belt-fed rifle, called the SFS BFR, will be available this fall and sell for $6,000. ” I extremely disagree with the article .

I mainly disagree because this is highly dangerous to the American public . Making these guns available to the public puts civilians at grave danger . These are the type of weapons used at war. So by doing this is contributing to things like crime an death an tragic things like when people shoot up places like schools because these highly dangerous weapons are easily available an are contributing to the people so yes I disagree. Citation : By Aaron Smith @AaronSmithCNN September 12, 2013: 6:28 AM ET http://money. cnn. com/2013/09/12/news/companies/slide-fire-gun/index.

html? hpt=hp_t3 Fighting marijuana … or reality? “(CNN) — David Frum’s recent op-ed on CNN. com exemplifies why Americans are becoming deaf to the critics of pot legalization. Their hyperbolic claims about the dangers of pot — along with the realistic ones — are being dismissed by a justifiably cynical public. Anti-marijuana propaganda isn’t stopping the march toward national legalization, but the opposition is losing its voice as it screams about the falling sky. ” I agree with the article I think that marijuana shot be regulated for sale an taxed.

This would help the economy in a way . The sales for it would be enormous . It makes no sense to how things like cigarettes which is a leading cause of cancer an alcohol is legal but marijuana is illegal. Also if Marijuana is taxed it would help the economy these sales would definitely spike up the economy so I agree it should be regulated and taxed. Citation : By David Nathan, Special to CNN updated 11:58 AM EDT, Thu September 12, 2013 http://www. cnn. com/2013/09/12/opinion/nathan-pot-legalization/index. html? hpt=hp_t4 Could U. S. have stopped Syria’s chemical attack?

“(CNN) — We recently learned that U. S. intelligence agencies had at least three days’ warning that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was preparing to launch a chemical attack on his own people, but wasn’t able to stop it. At least that’s what an intelligence briefing from the White House reveals. With the combined abilities of our national intelligence apparatus — the CIA, National Security Agency, National Reconnaissance Office and all the rest — it’s not surprising that we had advance notice. It’s not known whether the U. S. shared what it knew. ” I disagree with the article .

I do because by the time the U. S found out it was to late. I think that the U. S should not interfere with what there doing but at the same time I don’t . I say that because having those nuclear chemical weapons could be a large threat to the united states as well . So I believe that the U. S should tell Syria to destroy all there chemical nuclear weapons because it is a massive threat to the U. S. Citation : By Bruce Schneier, Special to CNN updated 12:17 PM EDT, Wed September 11, 2013 http://www. cnn. com/2013/09/11/opinion/schneier-intelligence-limitation/index. html?

iid=article_sidebar From ducks to chickens t(CNN) — Influenza is a little like poker. Only when it wins, we lose. When a new variant of influenza emerges, it starts with the viral equivalent of a poker hand made up of eight genetic segments. Like getting a four of diamonds or a queen of spades, H7N9 was effectively dealt a seven of Hemagluttinin (the H) and a nine of Neuraminadase (the N). Along with the genes on its other six segments, the H and N determine whether a new virus has the capability to spread in the global human population, the epidemiological equivalent of winning a championship pot.

o deadly virus” I agree with the article . I agree with the article by saying that massive precautions should be taken . In the world there have already been deadly viruses an influenzas around an they have all ended badly such as deaths an serious illnesses. Precautions should be taken seriously now before the virus gets to the general public or it could take many lifes. Citation: By Nathan Wolfe and Oliver Pybus, Special to CNN updated 2:44 PM EDT, Wed August 21, 2013 http://www. cnn. com/2013/08/21/opinion/wolfe-virus-ducks-to-chickens/index. html? hpt=op_bn8

‘The Big If’: Ending bloodshed in Syria “(CNN) — Let’s be clear: An agreement that would put Syria’s chemical weapons under U. N. lock and key is not a solution. It is a partial measure that could help U. S. officials avoid the uncomfortable task of having to authorize military strikes in the face of clear public opposition and save the Syrian people from further gas attacks. That is, of course, if it works. And that is a big if. As history has shown, previous cease-fire agreements under U. N. leadership have failed to gain the compliance of Bashar al-Assad.

” I do agree with the article . I say that because the bloodshed in Syria should end . I think that in the united nations meeting all nations should confront Syria an tell them that the bloodshed of not only rebels but innocent people is infact wrong . All this bloodshed is in such a barbaric nature an it should stop . If it does continue I think that the U. S should take action. By Leila Hilal, Special to CNN updated 6:31 AM EDT, Thu September 12, 2013 http://www. cnn. com/2013/09/11/opinion/hilal-syria-the-big-if/index. html? hpt=op_mid Apple becoming a follower, not a leader

“(CNN) — While we’ll never know for sure what he would have done differently, the hallmark of Steve Jobs’ genius was that he reacted to changes in the marketplace by forging entirely new territory through powerful design and radical innovation. Apple spent a decade far out in front of the competition through Jobs’ almost uncanny combination of vision and showmanship. During that time, buying a new Apple device was always exciting and surprising (even if it was occasionally frustrating). ” I agree with the article . Apple shouldn’t mimic its competitors because that would

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