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How to Prevent Boredom

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If you’ve been in a relationship with your girlfriend for months or years, things could become a routine. If you and your girlfriend consider yourself a long-term couple, you may spend most of your time focus on the challenges of everyday life. With the growing demand of a relationship, you and your girlfriend may already forgot that relationships need some spicing to make it last. And so you have to break the routine and bring back some excitement in your relationship to avoid boredom and conflicts.

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How to Prevent Boredom
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Hobbies and Activities. You should take the resolution to be open-minded to try almost anything that you have never tried. Revamp your shared activities and hobbies. Meet new friends and create new hobbies. This is a nice way to bring back excitement in your relationship. Try to create new hobbies or interest that you can do together. Here are some examples… You may join a dancing club or sport club that you find both enjoyable and relaxing.

At the same time you will meet new people and friends. Go in nature to have an adventure. It can be camping, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, etc.

You can try cook/eat new types of food together (asian, mexican, american, italian, greek, middle eastern, etc). It can put your girlfriend in the right mood afterwards depending how spicy the food was. You can even play a video game together. Personally, I like to play a “scary” video game with a girlfriend as it gives her a pretext to hold on tight to me. IMO, the key to developing new hobbies is giving them enough of a chance. Most of this stuff you will not be interested in right away, especially if you don’t know much about it. Try it together regularly for a couple weeks before passing judgement.

Spice It Up You want to share some very intimate and exciting moments just between the two of you. The opposite of boredom is indeed excitement. The more exciting moments you share together, the more satisfying your relationship will become. Restart dating as if you just met. Spending time together over lunch or dinner or taking a time off to have some fun at places that you both enjoy will refresh your relationship. Plan a vacation together. Visiting a place you’ve never been in before is a good way to revitalize your bonding. Choose an exotic and quiet place over a well-too-known crowdy place.

Last but not least, spice up your sex life. It is a fact that sex is a very important part of your relationship. Be open to bring back excitement in your relationship through exciting lovemaking. Have an open mind to add spice to your sex life through new lovemaking ideas that your girlfriend might have. Know what she wants in bed. Even make a pact of making love outside the bedroom for a whole month. A relationship can be a long journey and there are times when things can get stale and boring. This is your responsibility to keep it strong and avoid boredom.

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