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Writing an essay is an interesting task because you can show your talent. In academic papers, your creativity is limited to a great extent. In other essay types, you can be more extraordinary.

As to writing a profile essay, you will have to combine both academic and creative styles. In this article, you can read about significant tips to know how to write a profile essay. If you have never written such tasks, you need to understand what this paper should be about.A profile essay is a descriptive work about a person, his or her personality.

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The objective of this paper is to inform the readers about somebody. You need to pay attention to the structure as well as the content of the composition to make it interesting to analyze. Let’s find out which tricky secrets are hidden in writing profile essay examples.

Choose the Person for Profile

When you get the task to prepare somebody’s profile, you need to think carefully about the man or woman that you are going to describe.

It should be someone you know because it will be easy to find out interesting information. If you select celebrities, you may not find any data that is not already known to the public.

Select the Subject

Writing everything about a man in one essay is impossible. You need to focus your content on the exact topic and dig deeper into some specific subtopics.

The best variant to do this is to understand exactly the reason for your paper. It can be job-oriented, education-oriented, or any other variants. Read the task description carefully and determine what the reader wants to find out in your composition.When you have selected the subject, do not deviate from it throughout the whole work.

Revolve your story around one topic. This will make your essay focused and subject-concentrated.

Be a Magical Writer

Even though choosing the person for description as well as the subject of the paper are significant steps, being a professional writer is more important. It does not mean that you need to work as a writer and practice round the clock.

The key is in your creativity. Talented authors can choose the most boring person ever but write about him or her amazingly. You just need to find the strong side of your writing skills and focus on them.Use various techniques which may help you hook the reader.

For example, you can begin with an anecdote which is interrupted by the main body and finished at the conclusion. Another variant is to provide the profile essay examples from others’ viewpoint. Ask the person’s mother, spouse, kids, friends for the interview. They can even tell you more than the interviewees themselves.

Prepare an Interview

If you have ever worked in the sphere of journalism, you know how to write a profile essay because it is similar to preparing interviews. Before you go to the conversation, prepare questions. They should not be random and too general. At the interview you need, to know exactly the subject of your paper.

For example, you may write about the person’s professional plans. Then make your questions related and logical to that topic. You may ask for significant events or funny stories. It will be easier for you to write hook sentence at the beginning.

During the interview make notes. Some people say that they can remember everything but do not rely on your memory. Every journalist knows that the interview transcript can help you structure the article. Have a list of questions written down or typed on the laptop.

Jet down all the answers even the most ordinary ones. Then you will easily use the structure for the writing itself.

Write an Essay

Here comes the most difficult task because you need to focus on the paper. At this step you already have materials, a chosen subject, and notes from the interview.

You need to combine all this information into one composition.Before you start preparing, make an outline. You need to see how your plan should look like. If you just start writing without clear understanding how it should end, your essay can be unfocused and without the exact message.

Bear in mind that readers need to understand what the writer wanted to explain. After reading your profile essay, they should have a feeling that they already know the person that you are describing.

Some More Good Tips

  • Use specific details about the person.
  • Prove the statement with examples.
  • Do not write the transcript of the interview.
  • Begin with a hook sentence that will grab reader’s attention.
  • Consider your target audience when choosing the subject and the person.
  • Be creative but do not deviate from the prepared structure.
  • When you have finished the composition, reread the paper with fresh eyes.

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