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How to Write Your Thesis

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When choosing a topic, you want to consider who the reader is going to be. You also want to make sure that you know something about your subject matter. Knowing your subject matter will better help you develop your thoughts, which will lead to a paper that will capture your reader’s attention. The second step is finding a purpose. “A purpose means asking yourself, why am I writing this piece? Each writing situation has a specific goal. To achieve your goal, you will need a definite strategy.

Goal plus strategy equals purpose,” (Lannon, 2012).

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How to Write Your Thesis
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The third step in planning is to decide on your thesis for your paper. The thesis is a statement that consists of two or three sentences. It conveys to the reader what the paper is about, and what your point of view on the subject matter is. In developing a thesis statement, make sure to stick to one clear and definite main point; Make sure your point can be supported.

Make sure you can rely on evidence to support your point. Get your facts straight. This may require additional research. The fourth step in the planning process is to gather your information and resources.

Information and resources can consist of brainstorming, which consists of writing down ideas as they flow, reading material, interviews, internet websites, etc. After this information has been collected, select your best material and organize for your readers. Organizing this material can consist of writing an outline or writing a thesis statement. The fifth step in the planning process is to decide your approach of what your writing style will be. Do you want to be serious, silly, sincere, boring, and intense? Your voice plays an important part in writing a paper.

You want to find a voice that connects with the reader. You also want to avoid an overly informal tone. Try to avoid using big words to impress. Getting your message across to the reader is what is important. This can be achieved by simple words and good sentence Structure. The final step of the planning process is to review all your collected information. This includes your topic, thesis statement, who your audience will be, and your resources – including your brainstorming list. Make an outline and decide what tone you will want to convey in your paper.

You will ant to make sure you have the correct information from your resources to site the sources used in your paper. If writing collaboratively with a group, you will want to make sure a group leader is chosen. The group leader will assign tasks, set deadlines, and consult with the instructor. A planning form should also be chosen. This form can consist of setting assignments, meeting/work schedules. The work can be shared between the group via email, blogs, and in person.

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