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The proposed dissertation topics cover a wide range of areas within the hospitality and tourism industry in Hungary. These include the local food and cuisine of different regions, the impact of gastronomic events on the catering industry, and the analysis of catering developments in Hungary after 1990. Other topics include wine and gastronomic tourism, the competitiveness of the Hungarian MICE tourism offer, and the development of the Hungarian cuisine. There are also topics related to management, marketing, and technology in the catering industry, as well as the impact of the economic crisis on the Hungarian hotel industry. Additionally, some topics focus on specific aspects of the industry, such as molecular gastronomy and barista trends.

Table of Content

Proposed Dissertation Topics

1. Local food and cuisine of different Hungarian tourism regions.

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2. The impact of gastronomic events on the development of catering industry.

3. Analysis of catering developments in Hungary after 1990.

4. Foreign interests in the hospitality market. Motivations, targeted areas, concentration of capital and globalisation ambitions.

5. Wine tourism in Europe and in Hungary.
6. Gastronomic tourism in Europe and in Hungary.
7. The competitiveness of the Hungarian MICE tourism offer. International survey. Development trends and the expected impact on budget revenue from tourism.

8. Designing the image of Hungarian gastro(nomical) tourism.

9. The significance and assessment of mega events focusing catering activity.

10. Analysis of nutrition in Catering Industry.

11. HACCP in the Hungarian Catering Industry.
12. Analysis of different ingredients in Catering Industry.
13. Comparative analysis of ethnic cuisine in restaurants.
14. Analysis of hygiene aspects in ethnic restaurants.
15. Comparative analysis of Hungarian function organizer catering companies. 16. Development of Hungarian cuisine.
17. Analysis of Hungarian Hotel market.
18. Comparative analysis of different hotel operations.
19. Comparative analysis of Food and Beverage departments in different hotel operations. 20. Comparative analysis of Banqueting departments in different hotel operations. 21. Analysis of Hungarian Restaurant market.

22. Comparative analysis of different restaurant operations. 23. Feasibility study of a new catering establishment.
24. Analyses of marketing activity in Catering Industry.
25. Analyses of management in Catering Industry.
26. Development of Information Technology in Catering Industry. 27. Interaction of Tourism and Catering Industry.
28. Franchise in Hungarian Catering and Hotel Industry.
29. Menu analysis of different restaurants.
30. Comparative analysis of Hungarian wine regions.
31. New tendencies in hotel operation
32. Importance of guest satisfaction in hotel and catering industry 33. Getting green!
34. Comparative analysis of promotional tools of hotel or hospitality establishments 35. Feasibility study of a new accommodation establishment
36. The impact of economical crisis on Hungarian hotel industry 37. Survey of employee’s loyalty within hotel or hospitality establishments 38. Role of online sales in management of hospitality and hotel units 39. Molecular Gastronomy. The effect of science on kitchen development. Past, present and future possibilities 40. Barista, a new trend in catering

41. The function of the media in hotel marketing
42. Analysis of Banqueting Department operations in the hotel industry 43. Comparative analysis of different hotel types
44. New trends in Food and Beverages Department of hotels
45. Analysing the role of security in tourism or hotel industry 46. The role of design and atmosphere in profitability of hotel or catering units 47. Analysis of any Hungarian Tourism region
48. Development strategies in (MICE, Wellness, Health etc.) tourism 49. The impact of (gastronomic) events on the development of Catering industry 50. New trends in tourism
51. What means the word pálinka
52. Economic analysis of some prosperous coffee- houses in Budapest 53. Which flavours are in fashion in the hungarian cuisine of the twenty- first century 54. The role of food names in the perception of food

55. The linguistic webscape of Hungarian restaurants
56. Introduction of Hungaricums, and their potential use in the catering industry 57. An in-depth perspective of property development, investment, financing and its interrelationship to tourism in Budapest 58. Discussing the changes to the regulations in viticulture within EU or Hungary 59. Protocol and Etiquette in the Hungarian catering industry 60. Analysation of the corporate social responsibility in the catering or hotel industry 61.
New trends on the Hungarian event market

Comparative analysis of national and international market trends 62. An Analysis of the Hungarian Disabled Tourism and the Feasibility Study of a New Disabled Accommodation Establishment

Individual dissertation topics are highly welcomed!

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