Ancient Egypt and Mummification Thesis Mummification

Mummification Thesis Mummification is a big reason why we have much knowledge on pharaohs and ancient civilization. – Ancient Egyptians believed that when someone died, their soul left their body. The soul would then return and be reunited with the body after it was buried. However, the soul needed to be able to find and recognize the body in order to live forever. Pharaohs – Nearly all pharaohs were mummified, and many members of the nobility and upper classes had the full mummification treatment. – King Tut is a good example.

He was the only pharaoh who’s tomb was not robbed. So when his tomb was found, it taught us a lot about ancient egypt and their pharaohs. – After finding King Tut’s tomb it was thought that he was murdered by an official because his skull was bashed in and only a person of great importance could get close enough to harm him. Civilization – Mummification also helped us learn a lot more about civilization. – We know from mummification that it was very expensive and only wealthy people could afford to have it done, this is why only pharohs were mummified.

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Mummification Steps – First, they would take out the internal organs, because these were the first to decompose. Except, for the heart because this was known as the centre of intelligence and will be needed in the after life. The internal organs were placed in Canopic Jars to symbolically protect them. – Second, a long hook is used to pull the brain out of the nose – Third, the body is not stuffed with sand and dirt which will dry it out of all the fluids. This leaves the body with nothing to decompose.

So the body stays looking life like. – Fourth, after 40 days the body is washed again with water from the Nile, then it is covered with oils to help the skin stay elastic. – Last, the body is now ready to be wrapped in linen. While wrapping the body they placed amulets and said prayers to protect the body in the journey through the underworld. After all of this, the body is placed into a large stone tomb. Furniture, clothing, valuble objects, food and drink are arranged in the tomb for the deceased.

The body is now ready for its journey through the underworld, there its heart will be judged by its good deeds on earth. Quote “Why was it so important to the Egyptians to preserve the body? The Ancient Egyptians believed that the body was the house for the soul. Even after death, the Egyptians believed that the spirit could only live on if the body was preserved forever. ” -Stephen Biesty Discussion Questions – Do you think that we would know as much as we do about pharaohs if it wasn’t for mummification? – How do you think the Egyptians discovered mummification process?

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