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Human Resource Management Strategy

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    Strategic initiatives of an organization starts in understanding the importance of people. Some characteristics of strategic HRM are performed by line managers, who are the party responsible for human resources. The objective of a line manager is to improve the understanding and strategic use of human assets. The role of the managers are to lead, inspire the employees and understand them as human beings. There is no set time for the accomplishment of a firm to train an employee to the level the firm wants.

    Every person is different and some may only need a short period of time to adjust, some may need a intermediate time to adjust and we have others who can take a long period of time and for that reason managers cannot or should not focus on a time line when training an employee. Line managers are also in the need to be flexible when focusing on control. Each human is different and some are in more need of control and others are capable to be more independent.

    Another good aspect in line managers now a days is that they are more used to all the different types of cultures and for that reason they must be open and aware of the differences between one person to another. The major emphasis in a manager is to develop the person knowledge of the firm and the objective of their duties. With the many changes of a firm is up to the managers to keep their employees at the same level as they are when it comes to knowledge. Employees are assets that a firm must take serious and invest and for that reason manager accounts on investing in human assets to develop the right training.

    In the firm where I currently work I have observed some strategic initiatives the organization posses such as flexibility. In this type of work a supervisor of protective investigators depends a lot in trust and a supervisor role is crucial when understanding that a protective investigator needs time to investigate a case. When a new case is assigned to an investigator, it is not known how many hours or days is going to take that person to complete the assignment. A supervisor must trust the employee of being able to achieve their role in a timely manner and being honest. The same goes for the investigator role.

    The investigator must trust the supervisor decision, as in a court both the investigator and the supervisor are both responsible for the final decision made. It is a 100% team work environment. The set environment in a work place is crucial to the performance of the employees. However, the top managers and supervisor are the ideal candidates to come up with strategic methods to accomplish those goals. For instance, in the firm where I work the goal that the whole department has is to avoid any death of a child and the way the department tries to achieve that goal is by giving their employers all the tools available and training.

    Every investigator that works for the department has the same training and goals. If some investigator intent to short cut the system, must likely in a short period of time they are fired or advised to quit the job, if they do not want to go to jail. In this type of field it is crucial to give 110% of the quality of work you are paid to do. All managers are qualified as HR managers and for that reason their goals are in the same level as the firms goal. The studying of the employees personalities is also very important.

    Not every human being is the same way. For that reason is very important for a manager to take their time and study who they are going to put their trust in. For example, with my current supervisor I have noticed that she spends many hours with an employee, given them one on one attention. Also, is very important to have an open communication with each other. An employee when is not happy, they give many signs of being uncomfortable in the job. Many managers ignore those signs, some because they are busy and others just don’t care.

    That is when the employees turnovers are negative for the company. In a firm where the supervisors and managers are getting good training for keeping an eye on an employee that is showing signs of discomfort, you will see that the managers will take action before that employee resigns or provides less than acceptable functions on the job. In the job where I am currently working it has been very obvious how some supervisor see an employee as an asset and how other supervisor sees them as a person that comes and goes. Those

    supervisors that seem not to care for their employees and just lets them go without no signs of caring for the firm are the supervisor who have the worst ratios in turnovers. A managers must have developed leadership skills in order to inspire the workers to achieve the firm goals. If a manager can not inspire the employees to do better each time or to realize the good work their employees are doing than on that aspect is negative for the firm. In order for a top manager to be effective it is important to understand how to develop a strong planning skills.

    In the firm that I currently work for my manager on a weekly basis sits with our unit to discuss a planner for the week and she is not the only one talking. My manager expects for each one of us in the unit to put our inputs in the weekly planner. That skill proofs that we are also an important assets to the firm and makes us feel that our ideas count. In other organizations that I have work for, the leaders are only for themselves. If you ask to many questions, you feel in the air the irritation from the managers.

    In the opinions of many people, that type of managers are only there to vent for themselves. They are not team workers and should not even be responsible for other employees. However, with my work experience the way those people with no education gets to those positions in firms specially on Government Agencies, is by the years they have been in the company. What the top managers fail in those scenarios, is in training and offering education to their employees, who are in the firm for many years and they feel they should manage others.

    Some organizations chooses their managers by the skills they have proven they posses and some organizations chooses their managers by the skills and education. I believe that both an education and skills are crucial for managing people. If a manager is not a people person it does not matter how many years they have been in the company, they will not be able to retain many employees. In the other hand if the manager has developed skills to manage people and also an education, than a company has a better chance to retain more employees and reach the goal necessary in order to stay in business and prosper.

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