The Recruiting/Buying Process: Human Resources Manager

 Recognition of a Problem

Mercedes-Benz Vans LLC (MBV) has been working on a “ramp-up” in which German expats have been assigned to the Charleston plant to help bring the plant to the next level. With so many of these employees leaving soon to return home to Germany after their 2-3-year terms, MBV is now shifting focus to hiring a high majority of local employees to fulfill the vacated positions, as well as hiring the additional number of locals to hit the 2020 goal of 1,300 employees.

Description of need

The position will require multiple responsibilities to effectively minimize risk and maximize profits for Mercedes-Benz Vans LLC. For a position in Human Resources, it will be necessary for to review policies, practices, and procedures to ensure legal compliance with all regulations within the United States and South Carolina. This would mean that it would be important to be up-to-date with all current laws affecting HR practices. This position would need to continue conducting research to make recommendations for senior leadership about changes needed for the company. As this position would work hand in hand with other departments of the company, it would be responsible for on-boarding/off-boarding, employee relations, investigations, discipline, and retention of employees. Within these different responsibilities, training programs for development and communication of processes will fall under this position. As employees from Germany will soon be leaving,

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it will be important that this position develop a coaching culture so the transition will be smooth. This position is to help keep the company effectively running while it transitions to meet the goals set out by MBV.

Product Specification

For this position MBV is looking for an individual with a minimum of a BS/BA degree but prefers a candidate with MBA. Certifications within the Human Resource field are highly preferred, including Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). This position requires 6+ years of experience which can include education and work experience. Master degrees count towards two of the six years of experience needed for this position.

Leadership experience can also count towards the six plus years required for the HR position.

Supplier Search

During this phase it will be an important find a qualified candidate for current open position in Human Resources. To gather qualified candidates, the position will be posted to the MBV website along with other sites like Indeed, Monster, and Zip Recruiter. These sites will allow MBV to reach multiple different individuals who may be qualified for this particular position. MBV can also utilize LinkedIn to recruit possible candidates for this position.

Proposal Solicitation

After collecting applications through the different recruiting methods, it will be prudent to narrow down the applicants to the best match for MBV and the HR management team. For this, the company will sort through applications that meet even more factors that the company is looking for such as locals to the area, or those with backgrounds in car manufacturing or language proficiency in German. As the company is based out of Germany it would benefit the company to find someone who cannot only communicate with employees who speak English but also those from Germany. Applicants will also be narrowed by those that can start within the time window needed for the organization.

Supplier Selection

After the field of candidates has been narrowed by the additional criteria, an evaluation model will be utilized to better select the right person for the position. This is where we work on interviewing the different candidates and have them meet with different members of the HR team, and employees of the company. The interview will be a structured interview that will create a standard to better evaluate all candidates on the same level.

Order Routine Specification

Once the interviews have been conducted and the best candidate for the position is selected, the company will work to negotiate different terms for employment, including salary, benefits, and start date.

Performance Review

After the new employee accepts the position and starts working, a performance review will be conducted after a six-month period. This will allow for MBV to better asses the decision they made with the hire. It can also give them important information on what type of employee they are looking for in the future or how to better improve the hiring process.

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