Human Skin Color and New Marketing Strategy Essay

I consider they are doing a terrific job; but again even when they reworked the advertising message, ?advertising focus is now on the message that lighter skin enables women to obtain job conventionally held by men?. The idea is still unconsciously there (success based on skin color). AIDWA and other campaigns will persist on their attempts to remove the product. As I said before, I think ads should be explaining what the product is about, its effects and how to use it. Even when this company did not create the prejudice, it is indirectly helping to sustain it.

I really like the general idea of the Foundation, and I think it is an excellent start; because they are encouraging ?women empowerment across India by providing resources in education and business?. They are sponsoring careers, offering counseling, scholarships and opportunities in general. I think women prefer the new marketing strategy of the company (ads promoting self- confidence). For example, if I use this product, I can do better and I will feel better within my work and with my relation; but I don’t need to be clear skinned to succeed.

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Human Skin Color and New Marketing Strategy
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5. In light of AIDWA’s charges, how would you suggest Fair & Lovely promote its product? Discuss. Would your response be different if Fairever continued to use “fairness” as a theme of its promotion? Discuss. 6. 6. Propose a promotion/marketing program that will counter all the arguments and charges against Fair & Lovely and be an effective program. 7. 7. Now that a male market for fairness cream exists, is the strength of AIDWA’s argument weakened? 8. 8. Comment on using “Shakti Ammas” to introduce “fairness cream for the masses” in light of AIDWA’s charges

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