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Description of the jobHelen Bowers is neglecting to near her employees in a negotiable mode to work hard so that the productiveness additions and the company may stand in market with the emerging international competitions with Nipponese houses. After her male parent. Jake Bowers. she takes over the company and tyres to implement her ain manner of direction to command the house. Helen. harmonizing to her. is focussed to her work and determined towards the ends of accomplishing the winning rubric for the challenge of international competition for heavy industrial equipments. She besides made some alterations in the operational processs. As she thought that she is the foreman. she does non hold the demand to inquire for advices or listen to the positions of the employees attach toing her. She besides cuts off all the ideal clip from the employees working hours and wants them to work hard without any inducements and wagess for company’s improvement. Dedicated employees may work hard for the trueness towards there house but after a while the demands and outlooks of the single alterations clip to clip and anticipation for support may ensue in inauspicious effects of the determination made by Helen.

Although Helen had seen her father’s concern since childhood but failed to acquire the nucleus apprehension of her father’s belief in his employees as a household and treated them as –hired aid. Now. the chief purpose for Helen should be to recover the trust of her employees which in bend will assist the house to acquire back on its path from distraction. Besides this will assist her to stand for the international competitions as the production quotas will increase and bit by bit the house will recover its lost place. Besides the adviser should assist Helen understand the importance of the colleagues and that this is no “Humanistic nonsense” instead than she should develop common involvement with them. Besides that Helen should present ethical manner in the house to win. Employees should be motivated physiologically. socially and besides psychologically to acquire back their involvement to work hard and this will certainly assist Helen to accomplish her ends.

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Concepts AppliedThe best theory applied to this instance is the motivational theory. The hierarchy of the house was already maintained by Jack Bowers which best suited with the Maslow’s hierarchy of demands. When Helen’s regulations took over the company. it is this clip when it started acquiring into problem and so the production got negatively impacted. So to acquire the employees back with the same enthusiasm motivational theories should play the major function. A good squad leader should be cognizant of the undermentioned facets of her company: Self-awareness—understanding your tempers and emotions.

Self-regulation—thinking about your actions and commanding destructive 1s. Motivation—working difficult to carry through your ends.Empathy—understanding the emotions of others. Social skills—developing good connexions and relationships with others. Helen was missing self-regulation. empathy and societal accomplishments. Besides harmonizing to Herzberg’s Factors of import hygiene factors include quality of supervising. working conditions. relationships with equals and subsidiaries. position. occupation security and wage. Out of these none were taken attention of by Helen except quality of supervising. This leads to employee’s dissatisfaction and so the house suffers. Jack Bowers maintained to follow Mcgregor’s Theory Y and Theory Z whereas Helen followed Theory X acc. to which she didn’t happen the employees working hard plenty for the rewards they were paid. Besides she shut down the softball field and eliminated the idle clip teaching the supervisors to be stricter with the workers.

Qualitative Data

Jack Bowers was a welcoming individual. He treated his company employees as his household and gave them the freedom to work and believe in their ain mode. To this behaviour everyone was loyal to him and his house and worked harder for the best result of their several workss. He paid them plenty for their satisfaction along with the payment increases and fillip. He gave importance to their advices and thoughts and work out their ailments excessively. On the other manus Helen was rigorous to the manner she professionally worked. She wanted to alter the manner her male parent had accepted to run the house. She made the alterations by start handling the employees as merely the hired aid as she thinks that people work merely for the interest of gaining money. She made certain that the regulations and ordinances are imposed on the workers and eliminated the idle clip from their working agenda.

Quantitative DataArbors Machine Parts was founded 4 decennaries age by Jake Bowers and had grown into a medium-sized corporation. The house is head-quartered in Kansan City and has three workss scattered throughout Missouri. After the addition in the production quota by 20 per centum ; the public presentation study showed that end product was marginally higher than earlier and that the turnover had increased well. Besides Helen had announced that all the employees who fail to accomplish the addition in their productiveness by 10 per centum. they will endure an equal wage cut.

CASE STUDY QUESTIONS1. How successful do you believe Helen Bowers program will be?As mentioned and discussed in the instance analysis. the attack Helen is utilizing has failed her boulder clay now. The ground being that she is prioritising the productiveness and the net income of the house over the good facets of the employees. When the employees are non treated good else considered as human automatons. they will acquire highly de-motivated from their work topographic point and conditions. A house works successfully with the aid of its dedicated and experient workers and the workers aim to accomplish their ego satisfaction through the company ends in footings of inducements or wagess. As Helen has announced for all employees who fail to derive the productiveness by 10 per centum will confront an equal wage cut. this will ensue in go forthing no pick to the worker but to discontinue the occupation. And so this program will take Bowers Machines to more critical state of affairs ensuing discontinuing the house. 2. What challenges does Helen face?

Helen’s biggest challenge is the manner she takes determination for her company maintaining merely in head the companies benefit. She should handle the employees as her male parent did in his clip which creates a working atmosphere that can be good for employee satisfaction. Helen takes the attack of maximising company end product which entails rigorous work regulations and behaviour. Employees are non accepting Helen’s new conditions. and production is being negatively impacted. The extra/idle clip is been taken from them besides the net income sharing program has been eliminated and pay cuts decreases employees morale.

3. If you were Helen’s adviser. what would you advice her to make? If I was Helen’s adviser I would advice her to understand the ways her male parent had worked on to handle the whole house as a household. You can’t alter a company’s criterions so radically ; this will decidedly ensue into a batch of employee dissatisfaction. I will propose her to increase the employee engagement into the determination devising chances for the work they command. This will acquire their involvement into work and actuate them to accomplish better consequences. She should maintain in sight the basic demands of the employees as the correct and apt free clip they deserve. She should honor them for the excess attempt they make and should appreciate their work clip to clip which will assist her addition the trust of the working employees which in bend will ensue in the improvement of the house.

Besides she should do the on the job environment healthy and open-friendly where employees feel happy and satisfied the same manner her male parent did without fail. She should screen the issues of the employees seasonably and should maintain a rigorous cheque on the smooth working of the house. Monthly rewards should be rewarded to the employees as the increases in the wage or fillips for the difficult work they do to gain and do a net income for the house. The house has a right on the net income and so the workers. Merely proprietor has a right on the whole net income does non back up the working balance between the company proprietor and the employees.

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