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Evolution has been inevitable in the decades past and will still be inevitable in days to come. Some evolutions have natural causes yet others are stirred up by humans by their activities or at their own will, especially if it is necessitated by natural causes or business purposes or for research purposes. In this essay, we are going to consider the film “A Space Odyssey 2001” and Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to determine how the “man machines” portray human traits and how the specific traits associated with the two different genders, how they reflect scientific claims regarding natural male and female qualities as stated by Charles Darwin, and how they contradict traditions and scientific claims.

In Darwin’s theory, it is stated that life evolves though a series of stages a natural selection process in this process, several characters and traits are rendered more of use or even of less use in accordance with the benefits they bring along to the creature. The same characters were used to build robots so as for them to be able to perform certain complex tasks, their brains were wired in a way that they were selective in nature to enable their artificial brains to be able to pick up the mostly used traits and for them to continue evolving as well. When the robots were put to test, it is only the smarter ones that kept multiplying because it was already in their mind to eliminate the dormant traits and keep activating the mostly used ones. He also states that the generation of a species that can survive ends up having more individuals because those that are not able to survive grow extinct as time goes by. The same also happens with humans, the only ones who can survive against all odds are the ones who are able to survive and therefore multiply with time. His theory continues to state that in many a certain species, individuals who had traits that would be inherited and were better when suited with the environment that they find themselves in will survive in the long run. In this case, we can conclude that the number one trait that the robots took over from human character was the ability to acquire an artificial brain as that of humans, for either the male or the female gender. Now that evolution had been a biological process in the past decades ago, it is now a debatable question right now because artificial processes can now be used to bring evolution about.

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The robots, as shown in film “Space Odyssey”, are also seen to be able to bring solutions to problems by showing roles to one another by different gestures and motions. This is the second trait that we see that identifies with human beings as at today. Humans can team work and counter a problem or an attack from another party by showing signs, raising alarms, or even making sound, most especially women. This is a sign that the robots were made to exhibit humans and act in the capacity in which humans can act. They are seen to be conscious in their acts just as humans are. the only difference is that these are done artificially and for humans, it’s a natural cause. The hominids, as illustrated in the film “a Space Odyssey” are seen to kill one another over a pool of water and this is caused by a deep persuasion from within them to be able to overcome and survive. This is another human character that is portrayed here, that one would do anything and to save their life, especially the male species, when they see oncoming danger and there is not much they can do about it. This is also in line with Darwin’s theory that more individuals of a certain species will continue living for as long as they keep surviving all danger that they come across. Fourthly, when the hominids face that which is a mystery to them, they do not simply ignore, but they get curious to know what it is. They are afraid, to touch the monolith, yet their eagerness is also well aroused beyond any form of ignorance. This is also another character trait found in humans, especially the female gender. They are always curious yet timid deep inside, they have a form of fear in them to confront that which is unfamiliar to them yet so curious to confront it.

In the film, the hominids act as animals, and can be characterized much as the human ancestors just as HAL was considered just a machine which lived by calculation (robot) rather than by real human instinct. But the hominids managed to evolve overnight into humans that had the ability to preserve themselves. In this way, we see that the same happened to humans from the early man who was believed to be an ape who has evolved to become the modern man of today, and who can form tools to fight for himself and preserve his life in every way possible until he is able to survive against all odds. This also goes in line with Charles Darwin’s theory that living creatures have kept getting better and descended from the type that they originated from. Modification has come from what has already been and given birth to a better thing that is in existence to this very day. Initially, the hominids are creatures that do not have the ability to talk. In fact, in the first almost half of the movie phase, there is no talking involved because they do not have the ability to do so.

Visual effects are the major forms of communication used here. This applies to humans, back to the day s of the Homo-habilis, Homo-sapies and Homo-erectus, who did not have the power of speech because they were apes. Even in the modern days, children are born without the power of speech, they cannot talk, but they can see. This means that they also use vision as their main mode of communication. It is also in line with Darwin’s theory that creatures within a certain population have a difference in their character traits, and that some of them can be inherited, from one generation to another. This means that the inability to speak once a human being is born was inherited from the initial man and has been passed on actively throughout his evolution even on to this very date.

Charles Darwin stated that traits that are obtained from mating should be separated from those which are brought by natural causes. He added that these should be considered as cases of sexual selection which are obtained by either choice or contests. That selection contest involves members of the same sex and selection by choice involves members of the opposite cetothere also happens to be artificial selection where individuals which have different genetic traits are brought together on purpose and to bring out a trait that one desires to see on the concerned species. According to Than on his contribution on “what is Darwin’s theory of evolution?”, evolution by natural selection has been seconded by almost all the scientific disciplines in existence. The theory is at times known as “survival for the fittest theory”. This does not mean that only the individual with the greatest athletic ability will be the one who survives, but that the one who is able to reproduce and survive gets to dominate the ecosystem.

Scientifically, Evolution is believed to be a natural process which takes some time before it happens, but as shown in the movie, it contradicts this whole thing by the fact that the hominids, which were initially animal figures, can evolve into humans that can defend themselves overnight. This is a great contrast to the natural selection process which at times may take as long as decades to happen as compared to just an overnight turn around which happens in the film. In Darwin’s theory, it is stated that life evolves though a series of stages a natural selection process. In this film, the process is not evident in any way, there is just a magic turn around which defies the scientific rules. Laws have been made as to how robots should be made and should operate, but the problem is that the laws are sometimes not applicable, scientifically and even naturally. For example, if a robot is constructed and programmed in specific rules, then if anyone can use it, it may end up being destructive instead of being constructive. This is because one of the laws of making robots says that they should not harm humans, but some harmful humans can use the robot, programmed in the same instructions, to cause harm to a mass of people.

In conclusion, Darwin’s theory states that when some reproductive isolation happens, then there are new species formed. If a certain species of individuals does not fight hard enough to be able to survive the environment, then they must go extinct and another must form, through evolution. Evolution is therefore a major thing for as long as the earth will be because the earth will not be empty, each time, there evolves a new species naturally. If not naturally, humans will always find ways to cause things to evolve artificially.

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