Ikea Tows Analysis: Promotion of Eco Products

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The job which we have discovered is that IKEA should concentrate on advancing their green merchandises because it is a turning tendency all over the universe and we assume that it will maintain turning for many old ages to come.

This job will be solved by utilizing Ansoff’s intensification scheme. Therefore we have chosen to concentrate on the selling mix in order to depict the merchandise in better footings. It will besides demo how we can pull the consumers in a better and more improved manner. Furthermore. it will demo how IKEA could distinguish from other competitory trade names on the market.

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IKEA’s merchandises are all touchable goods. IKEA offers a broad assortment of family merchandises and furniture. IKEA has recently focused on developing sustainable merchandises that will last for a long clip and hence are good for the nature. IKEA has been known for cheap merchandises that do non last really long. However. presenting sustainability in 1999 helped re-determine their image. The quality of the green merchandises is a really high criterion. but is still sold at a reasonably low monetary value. coherent to the trade name values and mission statement of their original merchandises.

All are merchandises are designed in a really Norse manner with minimalistic characteristics and nil excessively overdone. IKEA needs to do merchandises that come from natural resources that are encompassing the nature. IKEA should besides utilize natural and 100 % reclaimable packaging.

The map of green merchandises:* Improves conditions for endurance of the rain forest* Keeps the nature in balance – now and in the hereafter* Improves the overall feeling of good being within the consumers *Additions mental consciousness of green solutions and societal duty* Provides IKEA with a great image externally and hence gives a strong competitory advantage With these five claims IKEA is seeking to fulfill the demands of the green consumers and hence they should add these merchandises to the planetary market. The consumer will non merely purchase a merchandise. they will besides back up local carpenters around the Earth. every bit good as it will assist procure a greener hereafter for our grandchildren – yes Christian. yours every bit good.

Monetary value

IKEA is presently utilizing the cost-based monetary value scheme where they merely consider cost and net income and establish their monetary value on that. The instance will be the same when it comes to the green merchandises ; nevertheless. the cooperating companies are paid a just sum for their merchandises. The furniture market is a monopolistic market with a broad scope of monetary values from really low to really high. IKEA is seeking to distinguish themselves by offering cheap monetary values with green thought.

Even though they operate with cheap monetary values. they still have a high trade name value. IKEA has the so called “IKEA Home Card” for consumers who are non able to finance their purchases instantly. Consumers get a 10 months involvement free period where they typically divide their loan into 10 equal sums and pay one sum per month.

IKEA offers a price reduction on certain merchandises distinguishing from clip to clip. IKEA could present an offer where consumers will acquire a 10 % price reduction every clip they buy 5 or more merchandises within the green merchandise line.

Topographic point

IKEA is situated all over the universe. nevertheless non so much in the development states. We believe they should present the green merchandises to the western portion of the universe as a trial. The western universe has a turning tendency for green merchandises. which has non been fulfilled by any other furniture or family companies yet. If this execution turns out good. they should invest/focus on the Asiatic market as we see future possibilities for a turning demand of green merchandises due to possible green statute law.

IKEA is bring forthing the merchandises themselves. but the carpenters ( and others ) are presenting the natural stuffs which will be used in production. IKEA is presently runing with a direct distribution where there are no mediators between the makers and IKEA. They are besides runing with an administrated perpendicular selling system. where IKEA dominates the other members of the channel.


When IKEA focuses on green merchandises. they will have a batch of good PR and through this PR they will derive free publicity of their green merchandises. IKEA should besides concentrate on their regular promotional activities such as Television commercials. magazine ads. and streamers. IKEA besides distributes their ain magazine to many families where they come up with great thoughts of how to plan your place. and the latest offers in shop.

We believe viral selling besides is extremely relevant. They have an online based shop on the cyberspace through this shop they could publicize the Green merchandises. They should besides do a home page merely for the Green merchandises and publicize the home page through different medias such as Facebook. Viral selling is really relevant to the modern human being. we are invariably online on the net. and hence must IKEA catch the consumers’ attending on this signifier of publicity.

In the beginning they should put a batch of money in these promotional events in order to make more consciousness of the Green merchandises and thereby enlarge their mark audience. Since IKEA is a successful organisation we believe that have the budget to these promotional activities.

Sub-conclusion on selling mixThis analysis reveals that IKEA is traveling to:* Seek new ways to make societal consciousness* Position themselves off from traditional trade names* Keep in head the hereafter and its barriers* Use the western universe as trial and in the long tally Asia* Use natural resources* Hopefully create

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