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The tourism industry faces tough competition as it involves promoting a place and all its attractions. A creative approach is essential to showcase the destination in the best possible way and create interest on a wide scale. La Mesa Eco Park, a popular destination for outdoor recreation and environmental education, has seen a significant increase in visitors over the years. It has been nominated for several awards, including the Best Tourism Practices Awards and the Pacific Asia Travel Association Awards. The park has become a center for environmental advocacy and has hosted numerous environmental events, including the launch of the 20 Million Trees for Life Project and the Environmental Summer Camp.

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The touristry industry is unlike any other because. alternatively of a merchandise. you are selling a topographic point and all the things it has to offer. You are viing with the full universe every clip you promote touristry in a given finish. and this high degree of competition demands a originative and alone attack. To be successful. your selling should invariably set forth the best possible image of your finish. while making involvement on a wide graduated table in every bit many ways as possible.

The La Mesa Eco Park provides healthful out-of-door diversion and a true wood experience. It is a life schoolroom and research lab for environmental instruction and aims to be a centre for biodiversity preservation. Today. the park continues to be a popular finish for picture taking shoots. household excursions and field daies. and educational field trips. In fact. it doubled visitant traffic – from acquiring 155. 666 in 2005 to 281. 846 in 2006. The Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines ( ATOP ) in coordination with the Department of Tourism nominated the Undertaking in August 2006 for their Best Tourism Practices Awards. In 2007. the Department of Tourism once more nominated it as an official campaigner for the esteemed Pacific Asia Travel Association ( PATA ) Awards. Environment Category.

Because of its success and popularity. La Mesa Ecopark has become a centre for Bantay Kalikasan’s environmental protagonisms and causes. It has contributed to the program’s turning national prominence as the Prime Minister media-based environmental organisation in the state. The Park has besides been chosen as the locale for many esteemed environmental events. some of which were: Launch of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s 20 Million Trees for Life Project ( 18 July 2007 ) ; USAID and USDOE’s Environmental Summer Camp with Ambassador Kristie Kenney as invitee of award ( 20 April 2007 ) ; and Ms. Philippines Earth Candidates’ Environmental Tour and Treeplanting ( 13 April 2007 ) .

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