Recommendations on How to be Eco-Friendly

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On this era of environmental awareness, there are other ways in which an organization can promote green and clean living. Apart from the usual environmental tips, I would also recommend an expanded activities and responsibilities for the organization in order to bring an effective impact to the environment and influence people around to adhere to the organization’s advocacy.

Having listed all the environment-friendly tips for the members of the organization, it would also be helpful to have it posted anywhere in public view to remind members and people around every now and then. It is beyond doubt that some people are heedless of the environmental problem and are heedless to the call for saving it.

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However, through a perceivable notices or reminders, people around would be aware of the environmental concerns. In addition, it would also be greener to encourage members to avoid the use of styro-made materials because of the inability of such material to decompose.

Additionally, it is greener to spread the organizations advocacy by spreading it over the internet. Undeniably, internet has been serving as an effective tool in communication. By posting the organization’s advocacy in blogs, social networks, websites and e-mails, among others, the advocacy will surely spread over the globe. The use of internet has also proven to be operative, faster, easier, and inexpensive. Hence, to effectively spread the organization’s advocacy, it would be of help to have it in the Internet.

The organization will also be greener if additional activities will be adopted. Some of the helpful activities include tree planting, scheduled cleaning in the community, and collecting of recyclable materials. Through the overt actions of the members, the organization may potentially earn recognition and invite more members. Above all, the organization will also inspire other people to be eco-friendly and advocate saving the planet from further deterioration.

            Educating the youth and other classes in the community about the current condition of the planet and environment is also an effective means of carrying out the organization’s goal and advocacy. As has been said, many are still not aware of the issues about global warming. Some are also heedless despite massive pro-environment campaigns over the radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. By making the people understand about the problem, they would eventually have no second thought of doing their share in saving the environment. Furthermore, eco-friendly tips should also be imparted to them.

By expanding the organization’s responsibility and reach, the organization will eventually build its reputation. Having reputation in the society would give more power and influence. Then, by having such influence, the organization would be able to do more and be able to achieve its objective. Eventually, by having such influence, the organization can potentially influence public policy through its campaign and reaching up to the political level. This may be quite ambitious. However, there is also no impossibility of happening especially when the organization is devoted with its advocacy.

Furthermore, it would be more successful when every member lives up to his or her commitment and advocacy. By being an example, the organization’s objective is not far from being realized. Aside from that, if everyone’s family is environmentally oriented, then the awareness expands and the population working for the environment would gradually grow. More importantly, living up with the advocacy would realistically save the environment from further harm.

In order for the organization to be more “green”, I recommend that overt activities be adopted, expand the responsibility and the population involved, actively campaign for the objective, educate, and live up to the organization’s advocacy. These may be difficult to carry out. However, it serves as a measure as to the seriousness and devotion of the members and the organization, as a whole, to its objective.


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