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Imagination Overcoming Reasoning

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Imagination overcoming reasoning is when someone believes something that is not true,or something that can make you believe things that are crazy. For example in “The Fall of the House of Usher” the guy roderick, his twin sister is sick and every time she sleeps, she doesn’t wake up for a week. Also he going in insane in his mansion. Another thing he is scared of dying alone. So because he going insane he starts to think thing that makes you wonder.

For example he says “I fear that period will sooner or later arrive when I must abandon life and reason together, in some struggle with the grim phantasm,Fear.” This matters because his fear seems to be a product of imagination. I can assume this because his of his illness and his loneliness. The reasoning why I can assume this is because in the passage it states that is his friend gets a letter that roderick is sick.

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Imagination Overcoming Reasoning
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Also his loneliness is because he has been in the big house by himself and he doesn’t have a companion. When your by yourself for years you can go crazy.

Another example of imagination overcome reasoning is in the story called “The Tell Tale Heart” in the story narrator has no problem with old man. But the narrator has a problem with one of his eyes that is blue. And everytime he sees him it keeps taunting him. So he builds up this problem inside his mind. What he says is also crazy: “ For his gold! I had no desire.I think it was his eye! Yes, it was this! He had the eye of vulture–a pale blue eye,a film over it.” When he says this, he means this as he is going to kill the old man because of the pale blue eye. Also, the eye is not harmful to anyone but he wants to kill the old man because of his eye. Which is not a good reason to kill someone or anyone. Anyway, he was going crazy around him, he was feeling guilty about killing him. This is one example of imagination overcoming reasoning.

However in the “House taken over” in this story it how this guy hears a sound he thinks that their is someone in his house. Which he tells his sister and they decided to lock half their doors. In the passage he says“ I told irene: I had to shut the door to passage. They’ve taken over the back part.” Because of what heard makes him think that there’s someone in the house. Your brain can play tricks on you. In this case he thinks that their someone in his house because of this sound that he heard . And in the end they leave the house because they keep hearing things. Which make you wonder why he didn’t just go see what was the sound. But he didn’t because he was scared of the noise. It was his brain thinking things that may be true or not. Which is why this is the imagination overcoming reasoning.

All of these passages that I stated in my paragraphs are a part of imagination overcoming reasoning. Imagination overcoming reasoning is something that make you believe things that aren’t true ,or it can play tricks on your mind which also make you believe things that are crazy. You can read all of paragraph to see my examples of imagination.

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