Impact of the Hippie Movement on Society

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Before hippies there was a group of individuals who did not conform to society rends by expressing their own ideas, they were called the Beatniks. Jack Kerouac was a writer who made up the phrase “beat generation” to describe a group of struggling poets and writers who were simply tired of conforming to society and it’s closed mindedness (Thomas). In the ass’s people who did not conform would be branded a communist, but the beat culture believed if you didn’t conform you were hip and not brainwashed (Thomas). The beat generation wrote books, songs, and poetry as a form of expression.

Beatniks participated in non-American religion, and commonly practiced Zen Buddhism (Thomas). Beatniks were the hipsters of their generation, and when the ass’s rolled around they formed into hippies who drastically impacted society. Hippies were individuals with a mindset much different than society, they did not conform to the orthodox ways and morals of the sass’s. The movement started in San Francisco, a large group of hippies flocked to the corner of Height Street and Suburb Street, which came to be known as the Height-Suburb District (Seville).

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Hippies saw themselves as being misunderstood by society; they practiced their own types of fashion, lifestyles, and music. The most well known hippie concert was Woodstock; it was held in Sullivan County, New York and lasted 4 days. Woodstock attracted over people, which caused one of the largest traffic Jams in history (Distorted). After Woodstock many local and state traffic laws were passed (Destroy). Hippies created their own fashion, believing what they wore was not worn to be accepted by others, but to express themselves.

Vibrant patterns, loose fitting clothing, and flowers in the hair were popular among hippies. Hippies introduced unique casual clothing to the prim and proper traditional line of fashion. New ways of life were being developed by the hippies, they freed themselves of social restrictions by practicing numerous types of religion that usually revolved around peace, they chose to not work unless they absolutely had to, and many hippies experimented with different types of hallucinogenic drugs to escape reality and look within themselves.

Various types of hippies were formed but they all promoted the message of peace. Hippies are well known for their opposition of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, which helped Jump-start the Civil Rights Movement (Blair). Hippies created a new mindset, breaking free from the orthodox way of society; this mindset has been passed down from generation to generation and is now impacting even today’s Hippies introduced a new liberal perspective on life that influenced a previously very socially conservative western culture (Blair).

Hippies opened doors that have been closed for many years, they revolutionized today’s society by introducing a new mentality that accepts unmarried couples to live and travel together without social disapproval, religious and cultural diversity to gain greater acceptance, and the understanding of peace and individuality. Hippies influenced fashion drastically, many hippie trends are seen in store today including headpieces, large shoulder bags, free fitting clothing, tie-dye, and materials such as hemp and stressed fabric.

The hippie movement idealized clothing that was free and unrestrictive, unlike the restrictive clothing and designs of the past (Blair). Previous small hippie health food stores are now large-scale profitable businesses because of the greater interest in natural foods, herbal remedies, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements. Hippies wanted to return the food system to its rightful owner – nature; organic health foods are now widely sold due to the nutritional knowledge from past hippies (Seville).

Hippies were more concerned with good health than illness, they used every imaginable traditional herbal remedy, potions to exotic teas and herbal drinks are still with us today (Seville). Social norms are completely different because of the previous lifestyle of the unorthodox hippie. Before the hippies came along living with anyone other than your spouse or family was unheard of, hippies introduced having moments. Sharing a room with someone is now very common especially in the young adult age group. Recreational drugs are now more commonly used due to the experimental phase of the hippies.

Drugs such as LSI, cocaine, and marijuana are now commonly known. Hippies rejected the moral values of the general society; they considered their morals to be self-made. During the hippie era a high level of ha loose, almost anything goes, whatever the individuals chooses morality developed The untraditional hippie lifestyle is now commonly accepted and practiced. Transportation was major influenced by hippies, they rode bicycles for sheer pleasure and health, bicycles are now commonly rode to get from one place to another in large cities where roads are crammed, or Just to take a peaceful bike RI in the park.

Hippies brought a new wave of Buddhism to America, from Tibetan Buddhism to Zen Buddhism; Buddhism is now practiced by 3% of the American population (Counterculture). Hippies wanted to be unique and seen as individual this desire is still present today. The hippies formed a new way of living; traditional morals of the past have rustically changed due to the open minds of hippies and their rebellion against society. The hippie generation helped evolve old orthodox ways into new open mindsets that have been carried into today’s society and will continue into the future.

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