The Impact of Technology on Youth in Today’s Society

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When you get home from school, what do you do? Do you go over to your friend’s house and ride bikes until the sun goes down? Or come home, go straight to the TV or computer and stay on until your eyes start to water. In the last 20 years, technology has become very far and even more popular to the youth of today. Instead of riding bikes, going for walks, getting fresh air or spending time with the family, they would rather go on to the computer, in front of the TV or having a phone stuck to their ear.

Young people are using new media technology, including cell phones, personal data assistants, and the Internet to communicate with others throughout the world. Approximately 90% of youth use computers, 59% of them are online. New communication avenues, such as text messaging, chat rooms, and social networking websites (such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace), have allowed youth to easily develop relationships, and for some of these people they never even met in person.

On average, a teenager uses his or her cell phone more than 100 times per week. Some might call this for a pleasure but honestly, it is becoming an addiction. Today’s youth crave instant satisfaction, and our desires are met by broadband Internet and text messaging. But do they rely on technology too much? Locked in a bedroom, listening to an ipod all afternoon, sounds great doesn’t it? But day in, day out, how boooring!

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