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Impact of The New Deal on American Economy

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    It all started in 1933 when Franklin D. Roosevelt became President. The economy was weak and there were alot of people without jobs and living off nothing so he decided to do something about it. So he started a project called the “New Deal” which was a series of projects inside an even bigger project that consisted of programs that would change the economy and the lives of the people around for good.

    It all started on October 27,1929 when the stock markets plumbited and sent the economy into a downfall. So in 1933 when Roosevelt became president he wanted to act on the matter, and that’s exactly what he did. He came of with series of ways to turn the economy around for the better and help get people back up on their feet by creating more jobs and creating a financial reform. Enacted by Roosevelt regulations were made to help enforce the new things that would lie ahead.

    The New deal benefited people in a lot of ways by boosting the industry to make the economy better to providing economic relief in agriculture. During world war one agriculture and farming was affected in so many ways. Farmers, Ranches and the agriculture industry plumbited when prices fell. Farmers worked themselves to death to produce more crops and raise better quality of livestock to pay off their debts, but in reality alls they were doing was digging themselves in a deeper hole by doing this. Most farmers during this time went bankrupt and lost everything from their homes to their livestock or crops.

    In may of 1933 Roosevelt passed the Tennessee valley authority act, Which was an act that stated that the state of tennessee could build dams along the tennessee river that then would be flood controlled and produce a more inexpensive way of power. This source of power was generated hydroelectric power to produce a more cost effective way of power for people in the region. This genius idea helped save money buy creating more power for the region and by making their living expenses cheaper.

    There are more more things that President Roosevelt was known for but this was one of the biggest by turning the economy around he helped so many people and their families. Many of the ways he helped the economy by creating reforms and programs to benefit the people and from changing the turning point of agriculture President roosevelt helped the Great depression change and climb out of such a poor time in history.

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