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Importance of Staffing

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“Staffing is the process, through which competent employees are selected, properly trained, effectively developed, suitably rewarded and their efforts harmoniously integrated towards achieving the objectives of the business. ” Staffing has been an important aspect in an organization’s performance. They are: 1. Enhances other managerial functions: – It influences the direction and control in the organization. – The effectiveness of the other managerial functions depends on the effectiveness of the staffing function of the organization.

2. Training and development: – Staffing provides training and development to the employees.

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Importance of Staffing
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It enhances the employees to work effectively, and it leads to performance of the organization. 3. Effective coordination: – Staffing function helps to build proper human relationships in the organization. – An Effective human relation is the key to better communication and coordination of managerial efforts in an organization. 4. Effective recruitment and placement: – Staffing provides effective recruitment and placement which selects the right person for the right job. – It will automatically increase the performance of organization by having or selecting talented employees for the organization.

Building effective human resource: – For an organization, talented and experienced staffs are the best assets. It will be created bystaffing function. – Staffing inculcates the corporate culture into the staff which in turn ensures smooth functioning of all the managerial aspects of the business. 6. Maximum utilization of work force: – Staffing helps in increasing the organization performance by utilizing the workforce to the maximum level. 7. Long term effect of the organization: – Staffing decisions have long term effect on the efficiency of an organization.

Staffing function in an organization assumes special significance in the context of globalization which demands high degree of efficiency in maintaining competitiveness. 8. Increase productivity and reduce operation costs: – Staffing in a company would increase productivity and reduce operation costs in terms of lower turnover rate and transition costs. 9. Job satisfaction due to proper placement: – Staffing helps the employees in job satisfaction and when the employees are satisfied with the job then they won’t be any absenteeism, employee’s turnover etc… This in turn enhances the performance level of the organization.

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