How important customer service really is to J-Sainsbury’s and Tesco

Table of Content

I will do a report on two different businesses and found how customer service is dealt with, within the business.

The two businesses I have chosen to base my coursework on are J-Sainsbury’s and Tesco, which are both public limited companies.

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I will investigate and identify how important customer service really is to J-Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Also I will identify how customer service is in both businesses and will also statement any improvements, which I think could be made to both businesses to ensure a higher quality of customer service.

What is a customer?

A customer is anyone who goes out shopping to purchase a good or service. Customers are considered to pay for products and be involved in a transaction between the business and customer. It is important to consider that a customer’s can be both internal and external to a business.

What is customer service?

Customer service is how the customer is dealt in store and also how customers are dealt after they have purchased goods or service from a business.

Customers expect a high standard of customer service, in order to keep them satisfied. This is very important as it gives an impression of the overall performance of the business. Good customer service would result to high level of sales and the business will stay on the competitive side, compared to their competitors.

E1. Importance of customer service to J-Sainsbury

Customer service for J-Sainsbury and Tesco is a very important function, as a good customer service would give J-Sainsbury’s and Tesco a good reputation, resulting in an increase in customers shopping at J-Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

J-Sainsbury’s mission statement, which, states that J-Sainsbury’s mission, is to serve customers the best quality and choice to meet their everyday shopping needs.

By looking at J-Sainsbury’s mission statement I can judge that J-Sainsbury’s take pride in the customer service that they provide to their customers.

Customer service to J-Sainsbury and Tesco is important, as the business wants to increase their sales and increase market share and by having good customer service more customers will come to do their shopping at J-Sainsbury and Tesco.

Today J-Sainsbury’s has a market share of 17.2% compared to Tesco who has a market share of 27%. (Refer to

By looking at the statistic I can identify that Tesco have a must have a better customer service compared to J-Sainsbury’s.

Retaining customers

J-Sainsbury and Tesco must retain existing customers and make sure they don’t start shopping at other supermarkets.

-Sainsbury and Tesco show how important it is to retain customer by providing a good in store and after sales customer service.

Also J-Sainsbury and Tesco provide many products, where customers can buy and go home and try the product and still if the customer is not totally satisfies with the products they have bought can bring it back to a branch of J-Sainsbury or Tesco and the customer would be entitled to a full refund or exchange.

I personally think that this policy that J-Sainsbury and Tesco have, would be known as a good customer service and may give both companies a competitive advantage over other competitors.

Increasing sales

In order for J-Sainsbury and Tesco to increase their total sales customer service must be provided to customers at a high standard.

The art of communicating with customers is vitally important for the success in increasing sales.

Staff that work at J-Sainsbury and Tesco must be have positive body language and must be polite by having a tone of voice where customers feel that staff want to help them. Eyes contact, facial expression, and appearance would gain respects from customers.

If staff where to be lazy and not help customer’s at all then this would result in less people coming to shop at J-Sainsbury and Tesco, which would mean that there would be an decrease in sales instead of being an increase.

This is where either Tesco or J-Sainsbury’s can get more customers. If J-Sainsbury’s where to provide a better customer service compared to Tesco then this will mean customer that shop at Tesco would now start to shop in J-Sainsbury’s which will lead to an increase to total sales for J-Sainsbury’s.

J-Sainsbury and Tesco both try to keep improving their customer service and want their customer to recognise this.

J-Sainsbury and Tesco have continues training for staff so staff can deal with all types of problems and all different types of customers.

By having continues training for staff this indicates to me that both J-Sainsbury and Tesco seem to take customer service very seriously.

If J-Sainsbury and Tesco keep on improving their customer services they would result in an increase on total sale.

Gaining a competitive advantage

J-Sainsbury gains a competitive advantage by having products, which Tesco also have but at lower prices. Also J-Sainsbury’s seem to provide exclusive offers to the customers, which is an indication of good customer service.

Tesco have the same kind of customer service because they also provide exclusive offers and some products are cheaper at Tesco then J-Sainsbury’s.

By analysing J-Sainsbury and Tesco I can identify that both companies will have a conflict between them over market share.

I think this conflict will mean both businesses will try to improve their customer services and this shows me the importance of customer service to both J-Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Maintaining customer loyalty

Tesco clubcard is the UK’s most popular loyalty scheme. You can collect air miles with clubcard. Two hundred million air miles have been issued to customers this year. clubcard holders can collect points at over 3,000 UK outlets including Alders and Marriott hotels.

As you can see Tesco have a clubcard scheme, which gains customer loyalty as they feel they are getting more out of shopping then just the products they are purchasing.

J-Sainsbury also adopts clubcard schemes, so there is competition between J-Sainsbury’s and Tesco on Customer loyalty.

The business with the better customer loyalty will win the day at the end of it. This shows customer service is very important.

Gaining customer satisfaction

J-Sainsbury tries to gain customer satisfaction by trying to cater needs for all different types of people.

J-Sainsbury tries to sell the best quality products to their customer at the right price at the right time.

Staffs at J-Sainsbury’s do regular checks ups on the quality of their products and damaged goods are instantly removed from sell.

I personally agree with J-Sainsbury’s refund policy. The refund policy is that customers who find a fault in the product bought form J-Sainsbury’s and also if the product does not function the way it is suppose to, then J-Sainsbury’s will give customers a refund with no problems.

Tesco have also adopted this policy, which is making customer more satisfied with the products they as buy, as they know if there are any faults they are eligible for a refund.

Both J-Sainsbury and Tesco provides a financial service for customer who may want to take out loans or want to buy on credit cards.

E2 Strategies used by J-Sainsbury’s to ensure a high standard of customer service.

J-Sainsbury is committed in ensuring to provide a high quality of customer service to all their customers.

J-Sainsbury keep up to date with the way the UK is developing by understanding the way that people are choosing to live their lives and responding with products and services that are of relevance. J-Sainsbury continues to seek out developing trends by being customer led.

J-Sainsbury’s think about what their customers really want. In order for J-Sainsbury to do this they have a dedicated team called Customer Insights. In total there are 17 people who, make the team of which 13 are women and 4 are men, aged between 23 and 50.

Every month, the Customer Insights department talks to over 50,000 people in order to understand and get closer to J-Sainsbury customers.

J-Sainsbury also asks a further average of 20,000 customers every year how satisfied they are with the store experience and they compare this with satisfaction in their competitors’ stores. (Asda, Tesco)

J-Sainsbury conduct what they call mystery shops where a trained auditor visits a store and measures standards such as queue length and waiting time, product availability, ease of finding management, interaction with customers at checkout and whether or not the aisles are clear.

J-Sainsbury visits their customers in their homes to ask them about the products that they sell. J-Sainsbury’s find out how these products are performing in terms of quality, price and the choice available. This information is then passed on to their colleagues responsible for sourcing products to ensure that their offers are right for their customers.

In addition J-Sainsbury talk to customers in focus groups on topics such as service, value for money and non-foods and also accompany them around the stores to find out what they like and dislike about our products, service, availability, price, range, store layout, etc.

Also, Sainsbury’s in-depth analysis of sales performance using electronic point of sale data, the Nectar loyalty card, scrutiny of customer letters and the measure of website ‘hits’ demonstrates that they have a range of systems in place which help them to respond to what their customers need.

As you can see J-Sainsbury’s have a variety of strategies on ensuring that their customer get the highest possible standard of customer service.

Data protection policies for J-Sainsbury’s

J-Sainsbury is totally committed to respecting the privacy of their customers and colleagues and any data they provide them is used only in accordance with their wishes. Only by making strategic use of this information can J-Sainsbury understand their needs and deliver the superior benefits they require. J-Sainsbury complies fully with the Data Protection Act that regulates the collection, use, storage and destruction of personal data and they also comply with the guidelines issued by the Information Commissioner.

E2. Strategies used by Tesco’s to ensure a high standard of customer service

As the UK’s leading retailer, Tesco is known for pushing the boundaries to improve customer service and keep prices low. One of the reasons Tesco has been so successful and has been able to expand rapidly both within the UK and abroad is its development of its non-food product offering. This includes everything from televisions and microwaves to hoovers and hairdryers. Tesco’s diversification of its product range emulates the European hypermarket model and provides customers with a wide range of good value products.

Tesco’s carry out survey’s to find out how they may improve customer service, and how they can get closer to customers needs.

Over the last 10 years Tesco has organised and run over 1600 Customer Question Times where customers are invited to come and talk to their local store management team and head office representatives about their shopping likes and dislikes.

Tesco hold hundreds of customer question times all over the country. These are held so customers can tell Tesco about their shopping experience at Tesco.

Refund policies for Tesco

If you are not happy with the quality of any of their products you can bring them back within 28 days with your receipt and Tesco will happily refund or replace the item.

If you change your mind within 28 days, Tesco are happy to refund or exchange the product, providing you have your receipt and the product is returned as sold.

Every week customer services answers 80,000 calls to our customer service centre.

E3 Identifying different types of customers for J-Sainsbury’s

There are many different types of customers, which do their shopping at J-Sainsbury’s.

J-Sainsbury needs to provide the right products for the right type of people and also they have to provide the right facilities for customer, which need special help while doing their shopping.


There are many different types of students that do their shopping at J-Sainsbury’s.

Students normally buy cheap food, which doesn’t take very long to prepare, and so J-Sainsbury’s need to have such food in store in order to meet student needs.

Also students shop very quick compared to adults who take there time and look at every product in store, so they lay out of the products such as crisps, chocolates and soft drinks must be easy to access and find.

Also not all students don’t know where every product in store is, so there must be enough sales staff to help them. This way J-Sainsbury’s would have a very good customer service.

OAP (Old Age Pensioners)

Life expectancy is increasing, which is resulting in more OAP’s in the UK.

J-Sainsbury’s need’s to take this in mind, in order to improve customer service for OAP’s.

OAP’s need a lot of special facilities as they are old and cannot manage to do their shopping like younger customer can.

I think J-Sainsbury’s need to provide motor buggies for OAP’s because, this can help them do their shopping with straining them self’s to much, and also by providing motor buggies J-Sainsbury’s would be known to have a very good customer service and OAP’s will come back to do their shopping at J-Sainsbury’s.


Mother have to bring their children with them to do their shopping if they have no baby sitters to look after them.

In order for mother to do their shopping, J-Sainsbury’s have trolleys where children can sit in front of the trolley and mothers can do their shopping without worrying where their children are.

Also mother with two children can use the trolleys J-Sainsbury’s provide, where two children can seat in front of the trolley.


Customers who are blind will get extra help from sales assistants, who will take them around the store to do their shopping. This is known to be a very good customer service that J-Sainsbury’s provide because not all supermarkets provide this type of service.

Also disabled people may need a motor buggie to help them to their shopping without over doing it.

E4 How J-Sainsbury’s monitors the quality of customer service

To help J-Sainsbury’s monitor their customer services so they can constantly improve on customer service they employ a team of independent shoppers, known as ‘mystery shoppers’. They carry out in-depth checks on the customers’ shopping experience to assess whether it is easy and enjoyable. The store is unaware that the check is being made until it is told how well it has performed and which areas need improvement.

J-Sainsbury get a lot of customer feedback, which is very important in helping them to improve the customer service they offer and giving their customers a better service. In an average week J-Sainsbury’s receive around 50,000 customer contacts (2.5 million per year), mainly through their free phone Customer Careline 0800 636262 but also by post and e-mail.

J-Sainsbury always aim to minimise waiting time at the checkout. Many of their store colleagues are multi-skilled and so, at busy times, they are always able to call on more colleagues to operate the tills.

J-Sainsbury also talks to about 600,000 customers a year, either individually or in groups, in over 3,000 individual pieces of research. Topics have included measures of customer satisfaction, monitors of product quality and brand image as well as specific research on packaging, new store layouts and effectiveness of promotions.

E5 How J-Sainsbury’s deal with customer complaints

Complaints and refund policies for J-Sainsbury’s

J-Sainsbury considers all complaints sympathetically. Fortunately, most can be dealt with quickly in store by refund, with proof of purchase, or by replacement, to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Serious complaints, about contamination or food poisoning, for example, complaints are sent to their Product Quality team for analysis and expert opinion. The store Duty Manager deals with service complaints but if customers are still dissatisfied their details are taken for a written reply. Larger claims for compensation are sent to their Customer Management team. Customers receive a reply after full consideration of their claim. Group Legal Services or their Insurance Department deal with more serious complaints, for example, accidents in store.

IntroductionI have been set an assessment for customer service which involves studying how customer service deals with complaints. The business I would be studying will be Safeway. I will study how Safeway’s customer service meets the customer’s benefit and how Safeway show’s a high quality of standard of service. I will also include a clear explanation of why customer service is important to the organisation also an analysis of poor customer service for the organisation.

Task 1

Customer service is very important to Safeway’s because it’s a service provided to customer which they could get information from. Safeway has a customer service desk in all of its branches; this is to help the customers with any problems e.g. dealing with complaints or refunds. Having a customer service desk at Safeway gives an image of Safeway being helpful to customers.

Employee’s responsibilities to provide good customer service

The employees at the customer service desk have a lot of responsibility so they could provide good customer service; these include employees being on time for work, making sure they are organised all the time when they are at work, making sure they had all the training courses within the organisation, employees need to have good product knowledge so they know what they are talking about when dealing with complaints or selling products, employees has to have good communication and listening skills which they would need when passing no messages, telephoning someone, sending an email, getting the message across or making sure that they understand customers needs. All of these are going to be needed to provide good customer service at Safeway’s. The benefits of having satisfied customers at Safeway’s

1) Satisfied customers – when customers are satisfied they would come back to shop again and this would lead to an increase sales.

2) When sales increase more profit would be made and some employees could get an increase in their pay.

3) A good public image – with this most of the public would recommend their family and friends to shop at Safeway’s because of the services and facilities provided cf.

4) An edge over the competition of rivals.

The cost of having dissatisfied customers at Safeway’sc1) Dissatisfied customers – when Safeway’s have dissatisfied customer’s the company would lose customers

2) A bad public image – with this problem Safeway’s is going to lose their reputation against other supermarkets

3) With out any customers shopping, Safeway’s is going to lose a lot of money and could go bankrupt

The consequences of poor customer service for Safeway’s are that customers are going to be angry with the service because of: 1) Lack of staff e.g. if there’s no staff around to talk to

2) Lack of staff knowledge e.g. when a staff is trying to sell a product she/he would not know what the advantages or disadvantages are 3) Fallen profit

4) Not getting new customers bd.

5) Increasing costs e.g. main taints bills, wages, business rates, rent etc

Task 2codd

The situations that require staff at Safeway’s to have contact with customers

It is important to realise that dealing with customers is not always about selling them something. There are many different situations in which customer service is provided, for example:

1) Providing information – e.g. any special offers, company information or any jobs

2) Giving advice -e.g. different types of brands, the times that isn’t that busy at the supermarket or types of different loans 3) Keeping records – e.g. customer details, how often that person shop’s at the supermarket per week dg:

4) Dealing with problems – e.g. when a customer is unhappy that the product is out of date or out of date

5) Receiving and passing on messages – e.g. if a customer wants to pass a message to the manager that the store is very dirty or untidy. dd.

Task 3

In customer service there are two types of customer, which are external and internal customers. Therefore you will need to be aware of providing service to both types of customers easily

Internal customers-

Safeway’s meets the needs for internal customers by:

– Giving discounts, this would make employees happy and make the workers work harder ,smoother and quicker

– Benefits, e.g. if you are not able to come in work Safeway’s is ok with that if you have a good reason why.

– Christmas bonus, once you start working for the whole year Safeway’s gives you a Christmas bonus for a job well done. j

External customers-

External customers are very important because with out them there would be no business. External customers have to be treated well so they would come back to buy Safeway’s products or services. The following are the benefits for external customers.

– Special offers- customers would come back again for different offers to buy and this would give a good image to the store bd.

– Discount is a good way to bring customers in to the store because customer would be getting products cheaper then any other stores and that is true because the Safeway store on Holloway road has a lot of products on discount all the time.

The ways in which the organisation meets the expectations of both internal and external customer’s are:

– doing an survey on the business

– Value for money

– Reliability

– Sales

Customer needs

Safeway’s is very good at customer needs because it provides the followings:

1) A range of different products and services- Safeway has all types of food or household equipment along with a few services such as mini cab, loans and home deliveries.;

2) Products available at the right time- Safeway’s has a system called E.P.O.S. ( Electronic point of sale) using this system it allows Safeway’s to see what has been selling and what stocks needs to be ordered along with this system is a another system called E.D.I. (Electronic data interchange) this automatically does an invoice on what is needed..

3) Products available at the right place- e.g. Safeway’s has peanuts next to their alcohol.

4) Safety- Safeway’s is always careful with safety e.g. if the floor is slippery there would be a sign saying be careful of slippery floor.

Task 4

In Safeway complaints are handled by specially trained customer service staff which customer may complain to. Most of Safeway outlets have a complaints procedure. This states how staff should deal with complaints. It is important for staff to know this and abide by it.

At Safeway complaints fall into two broad categories. There are basic issues which can usually be quickly resolved. Then there are complaints about serious issues, some even could take legal actions against Safeway’s

Examples of basic complaints:

– Location of goods (not being able to find a product)

– Poor facilities (e.g. lack of trolleys or long queues at checkouts

– The attitude or behaviour of staff ad.

– Faulty goods or goods found to be damaged or with parts missing

– Goods being out of stock or not available for some reason

– The price of an item (e.g. a price increase since last week).

Examples of serious complaints:

– unsafe conditions that resulted in a customer having an accident

– a claim that food purchased contained a foreign object or caused illness

– a claim that an unsafe product caused injury

– Serious complaints about a member of staff e.g. swearing at a customer, drunkenness, fraud etc.).

When Safeway’s is dealing with complaints they:

– Listen to the customers

– No matter what the customers are right or make them feel they are right Respond in a polite way and do not use slang

– The tone of your voice has to be understandable

– If there is a situation you are not sure what to do you should get the manager.

Task 5

Safeway’s has to have some customer records because in the future the organisation might want to send information about on Safeway’s e.g. special offers or new Safeway’s sites. The type of customer records that Safeway’s uses are:

– Your home adders, so Safeway’s could send you information U0l7QKH2Z Visit

– If you have any babies, so Safeway’s could send e.g. vouchers on baby food or nappies

– Religion, This is quite important because Safeway’s could send e.g. if you are a Muslim or Christian cards could be sent to customers houses when its Xmas or Ed

– Date of birth, this is used so Safeway’s could know what type of age group shops at Safeway’s or Safeway’s could send birthday cards when its your birthday so customers could think that Safeway’s is thinking about them.

– Your telephone Number, with this Safeway’s could phone if e.g. you won an competition, or if Safeway’s need to call you when got an refund on a product

With this information Safeway’s would have a clear picture of its business and helps it to plan for the future e.g. a health club, personal fitness plans and medical details.

Task 6

For this task I am going to do an evaluation on Safeway’s customer service with suggestions for improvements. As you can see not all organisations are perfect because all of them have a bit of problems sometime. Safeway’s is always improving their standards e.g. checkouts layout of store and their customer service desk. Here is a list of some of Safeway’s strong areas but also I m giving suggestions for improvements:

� Value for money – Safeway’s is very cheap when it comes to its goods. Safeway’s provides mulitpacks, special offers on certain products, discount and most of all their pricing strategies are best value they price their products so customers can think that they are getting more on what they spend on so they would be happy shopping at Safeway’s.

� Different rang of products & quality – Safeway’s has a variety of different rang of stock; they are now stocking international products like Turkish, Greek/Cyprus because the majority of different race is increasing rapidly, using this method is giving Safeway’s a very good image but this might not work all the time because most Turkish people go to places e.g. Haringey to buy their Turkish products and could be much more cheaper. So it best for Safeway’s to keep the Turkish section small and this goes out to all other national food.

� Checkouts – Safeway’s checkouts are very organised because there are a lot of them near the exit so when customers buy their shopping they can leave easily and they also have lower checkouts for disabled people too. This is very important for Safeway’s because if customers don’t feel comfortable at the checkouts they could leave but Safeway’s should improve it by making more space when there are que’s because it really hard to pass through if you have to get through them.

� Method of payment – Safeway method of payments are credit card, debit/solo card and cheque these are all expectable in all supermarkets but Safeway also provides a re-drawn service this is a service that allows you to take out some cash from your account. Safeway also has their own store card with this customers can earn points and customers don’t have to pay using their cash or debits cards all they have to do is pay it off during a cretin length of time. H.P is also available at Safeway too, this service work by first you buy some think and then you will have to pay if off bit by bit every month it’s a good way to pay off stuff that costs quite a lot of money but the bad thing is that the interest is very high so the person that is using H.P is going to end up spending a lot of money.

� Trolleys and waiting at the checkouts – is a problem because on busy days e.g. weekends its very crowed at the checkouts so I think to overcome this problem is to employ more staff to work at the new checkouts that Safeway should build. More trolleys is needed too because people that come to shop on the weekend is probably going to buy one weeks shopping so I don’t think a basket would be enough, that could explain why there are a lot of spare baskets around to use during them times.

Task 7coab

Safeway’s has a few legal constraints affecting the customer service because with out any legal protection customer might not feel protected when buying good from Safeway. Safeway has to think abut the customers so on top of the legal protection that the law provides they are being kind by giving refunds when they don’t have to.

Here are a few legal obligations to its customers; customers need to be protected when buying goods, if, for instance:

� Goods are damaged, broken or unusable – Safeway has to give a refund if the product if faulty if they don’t to customer could press charges on Safeway

� Goods are not fit for the purpose for which they were bought for e.g. if a customer brought a DVD form Safeway and didn’t work the customer has the right to bring it back and get an exchange or refund back.

� The seller has described the goods inaccurately. e.g. If Safeway has described a C.D player’s battery life to last 24 hours and don’t the customer could get a refund back or exchange.

Safeway’s would need to understand that customers can complain against these problems and the following laws protect them:

� Sales of Goods act 1979 – One of the most important Acts today is the Sale of Goods Acts 1979. Since it was passed this has been amended three times – by the Sale of Goods Acts (Amendment) Act 1994, the Sale and Supply of Goods (Amendment) Act 1995. This covers the fundamental requirements of purchasers, i.e. that goods must be:

– as described, this means that goods must conform to their description e.g. waterproof must mean the item dose not leak

– of satisfactory quality – in relation to the price paid, the description, the age of the item

– fit for the purpose for which they are intended – goods must carry out the purpose they are made for e.g. a pen must make a clear legible mark

– The goods must be fit for any specific purpose which the buyer has made clear the seller at the time of the sale.

� Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 – Service standards are covered by this Act, as in buying the services of a plumber to repair central heating or a garage to service a car. Buyers are protected against shoddy workmanship, delays and exorbitant charges. The Act states that all services should be carried out:

– for a reasonable charge

– within a reasonable time

– with reasonable care and skill:

– Using satisfactory materials.

* The Trade Descriptions Act 1968 – This Act is designed to prevent the false or misleading description of goods, e.g.:

– selling goods which are wrongly described by the manufacture

– implied descriptions, e.g. a picture on a box which gives a false impression

– Other aspects of the goods, including quantity, size, composition, method of manufacture etc.

Evaluation of customer service and suggestion for improvements

I am investigating Safeway as my business that needs improving on customer service and I am going to doing an evaluation too. With the research I have done Safeway’s customer service is not that bad. But still I suggest they can make some improvements in a number of issues such as:

– availability of goods and service

– friendliness

– speed of deliver

– customer safe

– exchange and refund

– Access to building.

Exchange and refunds

Safeway’s does Exchanges and refunds on goods that are faulty. Safeway has a clear policy on returned items, so that customer service are not frequently having to ask their boss for assistance or clarification. Safeway will accept any goods back within a limited period, providing the customer has kept the receipt, and will refund the money. Safeway dose not clearly explains the refund policy to a customer at the time of a purchase is made, and the importance of keeping the receipt should be stressed, this is quit a bad way for Safeway to show that they care about the customer by telling them what they should keep after shopping at Safeway.

Speed of delivery

Safeway’s delivering service is quit good because you could buy your shopping over the internet and have your purchase be delivered within a day or two but the bad thing about Safeway’s delivery is that they don’t deliver to your house when you shop at the store and this is very bad when you have other big companies e.g. Iceland Tesco competing against you. As well as Safeway’s knows that no customer wants to purchases a large, heavy item and then find’s out that Safeway’s don’t do no delivery the customer may decide the whole transaction is too much trouble and go elsewhere.

Customer Safety

Safeway is very concerned with safety because it is a very common thing that happens to everyone. Not only customer has to be safe but also the employers and employees have to be in a safe working environment. When some think is split e.g. ketchup on the floor a worker has to clean it up and put a sign saying slippery floor before a customer has an accident which would be very bad image for Safeway’s company but not all the time the employees react quickly enough to an serious matter all the time and for this problems they should have a few workers walking around the store looking for any think the is not correct.


At the customer service desk the workers are always friendly to the customer even when a customer is making a complaint so I must say that section of Safeway is very good but the rest of the workers that work are very unfriendly and customer even my self can tell from their body language and by their voice tone same goes to the worker that work on the tills Safeway might need to make some improvements by changing the working hours on the tills because it becomes quit boring after a while or a higher discount could be given of a bigger bonus could be given

Availability of goods and services

The availability of goods is always excellent at Safeway because the company have a system called epos which keeps a record of what is selling and what is not selling but with there is another system called and this system orders the products that are running low automatically when the epos system say so e.g. there’s 1000 cans of bens in total but when 900 of them are brought there’s 100 left so he system automatically order another 1000 tins of bake bens

Access to the building and services

Safeway’s has a few types of access to their stores e.g.

– car park, this will attract more customers to shop at Safeway because they would not have to worry about where to park when they arrive there but not all the time there are spaces to park your car this is because some people park their car so they could shop around the local area for Safeway to overcome this problem they should issue a ticket when you go in their to park your car and the ticket should be only for two hours

-Lifts, are very important to because most car parks are two floor so customers could take their shopping easier up to the second floor. Disable people could use it too it they can’t walk up stairs

-Caf� coffee shop, after shopping some of the customers are going to a bit tired so they might go in to the caf� to have a cup of coffee and even better is Safeway could do an offer (if you spend over �20 you could get a free cup of coffee)

-Children pen, for busy mothers shopping they could leave their children in a little area with a few trusted adults looking after them while you as a customer could shop more easier and quicker.

-Toilets, is could be a good way for customer to stay longer at Safeway because they could spend more money.

SafewaycIf Safeway improves these issues they will be a bigger and better company. Safeway should not forget that the most important thing in a business is a customer that will keep the business running. Safe’s jobs is to treat their customer the way they will like to be treated

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