In Modern Society Fatherhood Should Be Emphasized as Much as Motherhood

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Some people spend more time reading books, while others prefer to watch TV. The former group are more likely to develop creative imaginations and have a much better grasp of language skills. Do you agree or disagree? With the rapid tempo of daily life, there is a trend that people spend more time on watching TV than reading books. however, it is alleged that spending more time on reading books are likely to obtain a creative perception of imagination and an effective acquisition of language skill. overall, I agree with this opinion.

It is doubtless that reading a book enables people to have a considerable model of critical thinking ,analytical skills and intellectual growth. By reading a book, readers are likely to expand their imagination to recognize what writer’s mean and express. all information delivering from books rely on reader’s capabilities of imagination. for example, as my own experience, when I read a novel, I always put myself into the atmosphere of content of this book, using imagination that helps to be acquainted with background of this book, so that it easy to remember the relationship of people and affairs occurred in the book. herefore, reading is an effective way to improve individual’s imagination. On the other hand, reading books helps people practice and develop their language skills. firstly, words and phrases of enormous works of literature are formal and abundant, which provides readers with a knowledgeable environment. In addition, when readers encounter unknown words or new words, they can check from dictionaries to gain the meanings. therefore, it is justify to conclude that this is a positive measure to deepen impressions and utilization of language.

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Nevertheless, watching TV is helpful to foster and cultivate language skills as well. However, since TV contains amount of useless information, people are not encouraged to watch TV than read books. To conclude, Given reasons above, I restate that reading is an effective method rather than watch TV. It is said that work is the most important thing of people’s life. Without the success of career, life will become meaningless. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the opinion?

It is a general cognition that working is for a better life style, a high quality life and a comfortable retired life. It is also alleged that life will be less meaningful if lack for successful career. In my opinion, It is unjustified to conclude that life’s success depends on one’s career. Evidently, life’s success, to some extent, relies on one’s career. Bill gates created micro-soft company and achieved success to become a billionaire. Enormous athletes fulfilled their dream on Olympic games, by devoting their time, energy and attentions to their efforts.

Both of which proves that a successful career enable their life to become significant. Nevertheless, some minor behaviors play a vital role in people’s life and enable life to be meaningful. some people with their benevolence insist on donating to charitable organizations to help those people who are homeless and disable. Meanwhile, volunteers serve for local communities so that elder citizens can obtain instant assistance when they encounter emergency situation. In addition, hobbies and marriage can be regarded as significant values as well. ith collecting experience, people are likely to be addicted and get enough enjoyment and value of life. therefore, working cannot afford these substantial happiness but hobbies can provide.

Moreover, marriage is another critical affair in one’s life. falling in love and promising to stay with him or she a life also contribute life’s success. To conclude, although working is an indispensable component in one’s life, there are still other valuable behaviors to reflect our success. whether individual’s life is meaningful depends on an experienced life.

In some countries, the parents expect children to spend long time in studying both in and after school and have less free time. Do you think it has positive or negative effects on children and the society? Nowadays, parents spend a lots of time and energy on their children, expecting that their children are fully occupied with constant studying and limited free time. Overall, It is a negative expectation on children and society. It is self-evident that studying in a longtime has negative influence on children’s development in terms of metal and physical perspectives.

Children who undergo constantly study are likely to express rebelliousness, so that they lose interest in studying and be reluctant to study anymore, which, as a consequence, is not helpful to intellectual growth. Moreover, spending long time on studying can also bring about physical illness. At present, shortsightedness is a predominant illness in primary schools and what causes short-slightness could attributed to long time studying. Also, due to continued studying, some children ignore physical practice and become obese. Therefore, their unhealthy situation could not afford enough energy and concentration on studying.

Meanwhile, the effect of children’s long time studying is no longer positive to society as well. Indeed, society needs talents who have diverse capabilities to suit citizens’ demand but not orientation towards study. If the only thing children can do was studying, then our society would become an incredible place in the future that cannot see any entertainment stars and athletes. Consequently, our life will become boring. In addition, people are likely to lose their faith to the governments because they abdicate responsibility to control overtime studying that increase burden in children’s life.

As a result, people will show their unsatisfied notion to government, which is not beneficial to social order. To conclude, although fostering a good studying habit is important, how much time spending on study is critical for all parents and government to consider. I restate that long time studying has negative impacts on both children and society. In modern society, fatherhood should be emphasized as much as motherhood. Do you agree or disagree? Motherhood plays a vital role in children’s growing progress. However, fatherhood should be regarded as important as motherhood.

Overall, I agree with it. Children can learn enormous merits from their fathers in terms of mental and physical development. As mothers show their loves, soft and warm kindness to children, fathers can be seen as a model of courage, braveness and strength. When children encounter frustration , losing confidence and being unable to deal with failure that they cannot achieve success, fatherhood can afford a strong assistance that support their children to overcome obstacles. Moreover, fatherhood can also render children with a perception of determination and persistence.

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