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Examining the structure and style of Betty Rollin’s “Motherhood Sample

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In the essay “Motherhood: Who Needs It? ” Betty Rollins does non utilize the most effectual construction and manner to reason against what she believes is the “motherhood myth” ( 203 ) . Rollins opposes the thought that holding kids is something that all adult females should desire. and need to make instinctively. She feels that adult females are holding babes for all the incorrect grounds. and efforts to put a few things straight approximately motherhood itself. Though her statement may be passionate. the organisation. enunciation. and overall tone of the essay do non look to be the most efficient for her cause.

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Examining the structure and style of Betty Rollin’s “Motherhood Sample
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Rollin uses a really ineffective manner for this peculiar essay. She addresses what seems to be a serious issue to her. in a instead informal. unserious manner. She begins the 2nd paragraph with the statement. “The impression that the maternal want and the activity of fussing are natural or biologically predestined is baloney” ( 203 ) . This develops a contradictory feel to the piece. Rollin uses the word “baloney” .

and other slang. which gives the essay a more amusing sarcastic ambiance. This informal enunciation confuses the reader. Her tone is besides really sarcastic and ill-mannered. making a instead hostile environment. Littering the facts she is seeking to acquire across with sarcastic remarks pulls the reader off from the existent information. In making so. Rollin weakens her statement dramatically.

The organisation of “Motherhood: Who needs It? ” is besides missing. Rollin jumps invariably from one point to the following devising it difficult for the reader to maintain up. She does non concentrate on an single statement without disrupting it in some manner. sometimes with witty comments. or even inordinate quotation marks. Her support becomes really excess. and it is easy to acquire lost in all of the repetitive inside informations. losing sight of the existent statement. Rollin is excessively focused on assailing maternity itself. when she should be concentrating more on her thesis. destructing the existent myths of maternity. This attack took off from the strength of the essay.

Overall. this piece as a whole is non really converting. The facts are present. along with plentifulness of support. but the manner Rollin chose to convey her statement to the reader was really uneffective. The focal point becomes ill-defined. because there is non a really logical sequence in the essay. She should hold stuck to the facts and made her claim more concise. Cuting out the sarcastic comments and ill-mannered undertone would hold made her thoughts easier to accept. and easier to open up to. She tends to pique the reader alternatively. which pushes them off. Showing the facts in a more formal manner would hold made this essay much more successful.

Betty Rollin could hold had a really strong statement. However. the construction and manner an writer chooses frequently makes a large difference in how good their thoughts get across to the reader. An statement may be well-built and well-supported. but if it is unsuccessfully expressed to the reader. the statement may lose its effectivity. While Betty Rollin had a batch to state in “Motherhood: Who Needs It? ” . her deficiency of organisation. and hostile tone made the essay highly uneffective.

Work Cited

Rollins. Betty “Motherhood: Who Needs It? . ” Look Sept. 1970. Rpt. In The Norton Reader. Ed. By Linda H. Peterson. John C. Brereton. Joan E. Hartman. New York: WW. Norton and Company. 2000. 203-212.

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