Inclusive /excluded practice

Brief Account that describes examples of inclusive practiceI work in a Residential home for people with disabilities.

In my everyday work I always work inclusive practice. Some examples of this are.Discussing menus with the six residents in the bungalow where I work, every resident gets a choice of one meal for the week. If they are physically able they assist with the preparation and cooking of the meals and laying the tables.

This gets them involved in their home and diet. I took a resident swimming at the local leisure centre in a normal swimming session instead of going to session just for people who are disabled.Letting the residents decide when and if he wants a bath or would he prefer a shower. This might seem like a small thing but to them it includes them in their care and gives them choices.

Let the residents pick out their own clothes give advice if asked for. After all it is their choice. I take residents arts and crafts although several of them can’t do a lot, the little they can do they enjoy it also includes them. One of the residents is blind, but we still take him out for trips and walks and explain the sights and sounds the resident enjoys this and feels included.

Brief account that describes practice which excludes the individual and is discriminatorySome examples are.Discrimination could be a job advertisement such as ‘Assistant required, must speak fluent English’. This is discrimination because it might exclude people whose first language is not English or recent immigrants. Discrimination could be when a woman or man is deliberately ignored for promotion even though she/he meets all the criteria, in favour of a woman/man who has fewer qualifications.

Blind or deaf people with guide or hearing dog refused entry to shops or cafes etc. Older people excluded entry from clubs because of age.People in wheelchairs refused access to public transport, shops cafes, public buildings etc. People with dementia excluded from outings.

Residents in a care home have their TV is switched off after a certain time.People who are refused NHS treatment because they are overweight or they smoke. People with learning or physical difficulties not being allowed to spend their spare money on what they choose.

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