Incorporation Technology in the Process

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The company is experiencing significant growth through the incorporation of technology in its processes. It places a high emphasis on quality assurance and obtained ISO certification in 2008. Sick is headquartered in Lahore and has five regional offices across Pakistan. The advertising theme focuses on highlighting the product’s durability and color uniqueness by demonstrating that the color remains unchanged over a long period of time.

Pakistan has limited coverage and a smaller number of dealers compared to their competitors. Their promotion scale is also small and they do not offer a wide range of color options. However, there are opportunities to develop new products, launch a strong promotional campaign, increase coverage, and expand the dealership network within the country.

Compete with competitors by implementing a strong pricing strategy. The large number of competitors requires our company to stand out. Additionally, the increase in environmental and political issues in society poses challenges. Sparks is particularly affected by significant environmental and legal problems in the current era. This is due to the government imposing high taxes on various industries, including the paint industry, which greatly impacts Sparks Paint.

The prolonged political instability in Pakistan has had a detrimental effect on the organization of the product. It has also discouraged potential customers from coming to Pakistan to place orders for the product due to concerns about safety and stability.

Social issues are also affecting the organization as people are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact on their health. Paints have been identified as a problem for living things, particularly when companies use led in their production. Today, people prioritize these factors and always consider them when choosing paint products. Sparks Paints addresses this concern by offering a range of environmentally friendly and poisonous-free paint products in response to consumer demand.

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