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Incorporation Technology in the Process

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The company is making the major growth by the way of the incorporation technology in the process. The company is highly careful about the quality assurance of the product and ISO CERTIFIED in the 2008. Sick has its head office in Lahore and has five regional offices throughout the Pakistan. Advertising theme The adverting theme print media and adverting media is that to tell the customers about the product durability and color uniqueness by the way of showing that our color remains in its original position after a long time period.

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Incorporation Technology in the Process
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Less coverage the far of Pakistan Few no of dealers in Pakistan Small promotion scale Not wide range of the color scheme as compared to their competitors Opportunities Threats Develop new product range Launch a good promotional campaign Increase coverage Increase dealership in the country

Compete with the competitor with good pricing strategy Large no competitors Increase environmental issues in the society Increase political instability in the country Significant Environmental issues Political and legal issues Sparks is facing huge problems related to political and legal issues in the modern era because our current government is imposing huge taxes on the different industry which also harm the paint industry a lot and which included the sparks paint as well.

And the remaining burden comes from the political instability in the Pakistan from a very long time. This also effects the organization of the product as well because reign customers not agree to come in Pakistan for the order of the major demand of the product.

Social issues Social issue also affecting the organization because people are more concern about the environmental issues related their health because paints are creating problem for the living things because some companies use led for the production paint and today people are more concern about it and they always consider these element for that. Sparks paints is making led free paint product and color range which are poisonous in nature and environmental friendly product with the reference the consumer demand.

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