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Increasing Taxes

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Even thought taxes should not be raised, sin taxes should be increased because it’s an advanced payment in the near future. Sin taxes have double benefits of reducing consumption and helping the costs with illness and other problems. The social costs of tobacco and alcohol are spreaded among the entire population, and I believe sin taxes should be increases on products such as liquor because they cause a lot of harm to our society. Having the sin taxes raised for better payments in the future would be very helpful to those who are in need of medical care or any other type of assistance.

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Increasing Taxes
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Give something so that they can actually afford other than spending or wasting money on alcohol and tobacco that could cause damage to their bodies.. The reason why I say this is because the costs of those products to society are all over in the general public in form of people needing affordable attention and immediate care of their health.

In other words, people across our nation still have to pay the consequences of smoking and drinking by dealing with the sickness that has been given to them. The more products are raised, the less the people will plan to stop smoking and drinking due to the pricing.

It would help others from getting sick and also to save money in their pockets. Additionally, the social costs of tobacco and alcohol are spreading among the entire population. Most people all over the world smokes and drinks and does not think about taking care of them. They can use, misuse, and abuse the substances that contributes heavily to medical costs. When they keep going for the smoking and the drinking, their bodies take on a high risk for lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Mostly, the person that drinks has the higher risk for liver, kidney, and cardiovascular diseases.

Since that has been said, the diseases are contributors to raising the costs of healthcare because dealing with their kind of sickness, people will be in more need of medical care if they can afford to pay for their treatment of disease. Finally, I also believe sin taxes should be increases on products such as liquor because they cause harm to our society. If citizens refuses to give up these unhealthy habits, then sin taxes in the health care system is the only real option to combat the rising costs of health care.

Either way, the country will ultimately benefit. Others say that drinking and smoking are not sins, but I say that the effects of using them in excess have caused other American to pay more medical care. I think we should impose higher taxes on them to discourage their use. This means that citizens should think more about their health instead of killing their health. Save money so that you will pay for medical care. If not, then you won’t be able to afford it, if they don’t raise taxes. Deal with pain or take care of your health that’s more important.

Indeed, while taxes shouldn’t be raised, sin taxes should be raised because it’s clear evidence that increasing the costs of tobacco encourages smokers to quit and discourages young people from taking it up. Aside from raising avenue for a health care program, the thinking goes that such sin taxes are more acceptable. People should not be doing either one of them. It has caused about 443,000 deaths a year in the United States. So how much killing do you need in this society in order for sin taxes to increase? Increase sin taxes so that more people can live longer than to die at any age. Reference

Cohn, Bob. (1993). The Power of Sin. Newsweek. www. EBSCOhost. com. proxy-library. ashford. edu McLellan, Deborah. (1993). Clinton said to be considering hikes on alcohol, tobacco taxes. Nation’s Health: Article www. EBSCOhost. com. proxy-library. ashford. edu Morse, Rachel E. (2009). Resisting the path of least resistance: Why the Texas “Pole Tax” and the new class of Modern Sin Taxes are bad policy: Boston College Third World Law Journal. www. EBSCOhost. com. proxy-library. ashford. edu Teinowitz, Ira. (1993). Alcohol, cig makes marketers plan to fight health tax: Advertising Age www.

EBSCOhost. com. proxy-library. ashford. edu | Possible points| Actual points| Appropriate culture with subsistence mode| 1| 0| Thesis made around culture, mode of subsistence, and three cultural aspects| . 75| 0| Solid thesis statement| . 75| 0| Formal outline with three cultural aspects| . 75| 0| Three appropriate scholarly sources| 1| 0| Formatting and style| . 75| 0| total| 5| 0| Ms Forbes, I am not exactly sure what happened. But, this is not what the assigned topic for this class was supposed to be. So, I feel really uncomfortable giving you any points for it.

In the future, please just make sure you are careful about reading everything in the classroom for assignment directions. This includes the assignment descriptions, the grading rubrics, and my posted announcements. I was really looking for an assignment focused on the topic about a culture’s mode of subsistence. Moreover, you really were supposed to write a formal detailed outline with information from your sources as stated in the assignment description and mentioned in my announcement posted on February 27th. Please let me know if you have any questions or there is anything I can do to help. Jason

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