Raiders of the Sulu Sea Summary

Even today, in some places, we all know that no matter what happen, there will still be this gap between the Christians and Muslims; well this is still true in some few places. Come to think of it that both parties praised only the same God. Why can’t they just be at peace? Well maybe because on how they approached each other and their different personalities. What could have really happened in the past that the Christians and Muslims seem to hate each other even today?

In the film that we watched, entitled “Raiders of the Sulu sea” I have somewhat seen, maybe one of the reasons that when we Christians hear something about Muslims we will react negatively. But we can’t really judge other people. Just like what the film and sir said it’s in the matter of viewing things in different perspectives. Raiders, a noun that was used to call the seafaring Filipino Muslim who attacked the Fort Pilar in Zamboanga on 1720. They were known for being expert sailors and with their courage and skill. They were the masters of the Sulu Sea.

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Some will look at them as pirates or bandits, but using these names seems too bias to their part. I didn’t really get their point why they do those things, but one thing is for sure, they have a reason in doing those things. Weighing things is very important. In the film, the raiders was said that they were considered as brutal savages; they build impressive ships that was believed to be faster than the Spaniard galleons and deadly weapons they even had that weapon called Barong that enabled them to cut off Spaniards weapons.

They were also known to be fearless in battles, even if the Spaniards uses guns, the raiders were still braved enough to go to battle using only swords . Also, in the film it was emphasized when they gathered hundreds of ships and gathered around 3000 men in raiding the Fort Pilar in Zamboanga City and during that time, the Spaniards where outnumbered by the raiders. But the Fort was really durable that even today it still there in Zamboanga.

There are three tribes of the seafaring Filipino Muslims they are the Balangingi Samal, Illanuns and the Sultanate of Sulu. They were all excellent warriors. The tribe illanuns were knowledgeable about the monsoons. These three tribes are not really pirates just like what others call them. They were known for being the exporter of people for slavery. They are very brutal because they would make a hole in the palm of the captives and tied them all together.

Well the slavery trading was ended when Spain ordered steamships in England, these ships where faster, easier to navigate because it is no longer depending to the wind. Then the Spaniards where able to chased the raiders and conduct a raid to their base. But the raiders show a strong will and courage. Even if there ships are no match to the new ships of the Spaniards they still fought. In that film watching, it made me realize how interesting history is. It is very important to have knowledge about the past so that somehow we can understand the present.

The courage and the skill of the raiders where really impressive especially in planning the raid in Fort Pilar. But we can’t neglect the fact that their brutality and wickedness is really scary. But then again all of those are already in the past that those should not destroy our friendships and the peacefulness with the Muslims today. Well in one way or another Spaniards also shows brutality and wickedness. Again just like what I mentioned earlier, it depends on how we look at it in different perspectives and weighing things.

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